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Bag Of Love Special Edition Bag Review

Bag of Love

Special Edition bags are a concept from the Bag of Love that validates up to 5 Full Sized products from great luxury brands. This is usually limited to 30-35 pieces and only comes at a fraction of its retail price.

With regards to Bag of Love, this is their 2nd Special Edition Bag to hit the online market and is the most expensive one to date.

Bag of Love's 1st Special Edition Bag Retailing at RM199.90
(Products inside retails at RM544)

With the notion of only 30 slots of limited availability, its time for our review of  the 2nd "Special Edition" bag from our beloved Bag of Love.

Announcement of the Special Edition Bag of Bag of Love's Facebook Website

Priced at RM259.90, the second Special Edition pack originally retails at a hefty sum of RM866 per bag.

Placed in an sturdy, eco-friendly jute tote , these 6 full sized products (along with 1 Lierac deluxe size) fits accordingly to its luxury subscription and has only 30 kits that are available for purchase.

Bag of Love 2nd Special Edition Bag

I was fortunate enough to manage to receive one of the special edition bags although going through the process in the car was not that easy to manage, but all in all it was pretty satisfying moment on my end when I managed to get one in hand.

The total price range and products in the bag

As you can see, there are about 7 products in the bag totaling up to the RM866 retail price range, however with regards to the full sized products we are only counting them as 6 units as the Lierac Sensory Water Gel comes in a bonus deluxe size.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence

Swiss Line Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence

The first product I took out was 100ml Swiss Line's Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence. Retailing at a whopping RM328, this product is by far the most expensive item in Bag of Love's Special Edition bag yet.

Proven to inhibit the formation of up to 98% of sunburn cells, yet containing no SPF, this “serum-mist” stimulates the cellular defenses against UV-induced aging and brightens and refines the skin. It is designed to be used as an energy booster, but it can be used as a makeup primer.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence EDT Spray

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence 

This Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence EDT spray comes in a travel friendly 30ml bottle and retails at RM180.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence is the has been launched in Spring 2013, a fragrance inspired by femininity and graceful confidence; it is airy, striking and elegant. 

Top notes radiate with nashi pear blossom and juicy white peach. A rich floral bouquet composes the heart, featuring notes of lilac, peony, magnolia and Turkish rose. Airy musk, vanilla and cedar form the basis of the perfume.

Tigi Bead Head After Party Soothing Cream

Tigi Bead Head After Party Soothing Cream

Limited Edition Tag

Retailing at RM69 for a 100ml bottle, this limited edition Tigi Bead Head After Party Soothing Cream is the perfect party favour that gives you control over funky flyaways to silkify your hair. 

It also smoothes your hair cuticles to ensure a sleek, shiny appearance after styling.
Lightweight and smoothing TIGI Bed Head After Party enhances shine, provides gloss and a gorgeous soft finish. 

Applied to dry hair it rejuvenates giving it a revitalized and refreshed look.

2X Greenleaf Scented Envelope Sachets

1x Tuscan Vineyard Scented Envelope Sachet in 115ml; 1x Orange & Honey Scented Envelope Sachet in 115ml

The Tuscan Vineyard Scented Envelope Sachet is a sophisticated full-bodied blend of sparkling grapes in Tuscany.

The Orange & Honey Scented Envelope Sachet is a vibrant fresh orange citrus blend with the scent of sweet honey nectar.

Retailing at RM 15 per piece, both environmentally friendly scented envelopes comes in a 115ml sachet that is ideal for your car, for silk flower arrangements, vacuum cleaner bags, simmering pot, closets, drawers, diaper bins, trash cans or even adding a special touch to gift bags and stocking fillers.

Lierac Slimming Resolution Pack

Lierac Slimming Resolution Pack

With regards to the Lierac Body Slim, this triple-action body-contouring formula helps combat the appearance of “dimpled skin”, slackening and excess water. 

Retailing at RM220, this 200ml ultra-smoothing serum combines the WTB SYSTEM, a patented complex capable of transforming “fat-storing” cells into “fat-burning” cells, with 10% active caffeine and drainage-enhancing elder extract for effectiveness that can be measured after just 14 days of use.

                         Left: Lierac Body Slim                              Right: Lierac Gel Douche Sensorial with 3 White Flowers

With regards to the Lierac Gel Douche Sensorial with 3 White Flowers, this deluxe bonus 75ml bottle retails at RM39 and is a soap-free, translucent botanical-origin gel that transforms into a sensual and delicately scented foam for ultra-gentle cleansing and a precious anti-dehydration effect.

Total of Products

Overall, the products in the this month's special edition bag is extremely satisfactory and is a great addition to any makeup collection that a beauty junkie can have.

Bag of Love never fails to surprise us with wonderful goodies so head on over and show your support at The Bag of Love to find out more about their subscription and offers. 

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  1. Woah! That's seriously an AWESOME limited edition bag! :O

    1. Yeah it was! Was super excited when the parcel came to my doorstep! <3

  2. WOWWW worth a lot more than the retail price! thumbs up!

    1. Yeah was really happy about it too! :) <3 So worth it!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Iyana,

      Sure thing :) Will check it out soon! <3

  4. Truly worth every cent! I missed out on this one, and the Nuxe bag sadly. I shall be more vigilant in the future! Are you enjoying the use of the products?

    1. Yup agreed <3

      And yup loving the products by far. Current love is the Tigi Bead Head After Party Soothing Cream.

      The shine the hair gets from that one product alone is amazing! :D

  5. I was going to order but they sold out!! Sob sob...definitely worth every penny..they're going to have another special in two weeks right...better grab fast...btw nice sharing;)

    1. No worries dear - glad you enjoyed reading! Yeah there is another one coming up in two weeks so better grab grab grab! :D

  6. I've been waiting with bated breath for a post on this bag so thanks for this recap, Shivani. There are some great deals here but I gave it a miss this time because I already have so many Lierac items and CK fragrances (I actually have the Sheer Beauty in 100ml so that should last me a while) but as you say, the TIGI is great. I was going to say that I love, love, love your hair - so that's your secret ;)
    The BOL signature bag is so cute too. The whole deal is a steal and congrats on bagging one. Should I fight you for the next one? :D

    1. Haha yes you should! Loved the items in the bag - completely worth every cent <3 Tigi is great - now using it non-stop :P

      The shine that it brings to the hair is just amazing plus it also locks in moisture for the shine and gives that long lasting effect, especially when used for styling the hair in different hairstyles.

      Keep on the lookout for the next special edition bag - should be coming soon ;)

  7. Lucky you, I'm glad you did a post on this 2nd limited edition bag, i was wondering what was the content. Obviously if i had the cash in hand, i would have got hold of it, but sadly there's other commitments. :(

    1. Glad to do it Mel :) I was curious even before I got my hands on it!

      Lots of love to you, Adam and your little girl Sofiah <3 She is such a big girl now and is a splitting image of you :) Time flies by so fast <3

  8. This Bag of Love is sooooo AWESOME!!!

  9. Hi! Thank you for including the scented sachet in your review, although it isn't a beauty product :)


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