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Ladies Night Out with Eugene Perma, Malu Wilz and The Lilac Box

On 16th November 2013, The Lilac Box had graciously arranged for 30 bloggers to have a potential date with German Brand Malu Wilz and French Brand Eugene Perma Professionel

The theme of the day was Ladies Night Out and we were excited to learn all about the two brands and try our hand on their wonderful range of products.

There was also a Best Dressed Prize but as I was coming from another event, I decided to glam the outfit the best I could with some shiny accessories. However, I didn't go with heels as my little toe was injured so if I seem a little short in some pictures, fair warning! :)

With regards, for those of you who have not heard of Malu Wilz before, it is a decorative cosmetic brand from Germany that offers best formulation, quality and technology in all its products.

Exclusively available in Malaysia for professional beauty salons and institutes, Malu Wilz has a wide range of basic makeup along with latest fashion color trends for more advance use.

Eugene Perma Professionel on the other hand in an independent French company that proudly specializes in hair care that is ranked the as the 2nd brand after L'Oreal Paris.

Putting in the signature French touch into their ranges, Eugene Perma Professionel offers high-quality products and great services to the public. 

So with the high anticipation of this joint venture that these two superbrands had to offer, I headed off to the workshop as fast as I could.

At GG Perfect Point Make-Up & Hair Academy

The workshop was held at GG Perfect Point Make-Up & Hair Academy's HQ in Cheras and as I walked in the place was decorated with quaint accessories, big mirrors and of course filled with Eugene Perma Professionel and Malu Wilz products.

The beautiful set up in the workshop
(Photo Credits goes to the awesome Beauty Bytez)
Do check out her lovely work and support her at

Basically it was every girl's fantasy makeup room. Wonderful setup for a workshop.

Established in 1998, GG Perfect Point Make-Up Academy was formed by chairman Mr. Gold Goh, who injected his wealth of experience and passion to the make-up artistry and creativity in Malaysia.

He was really friendly and forthcoming to all of us and was truly a great person to meet.

Taking a before shot

Upon entering, we were asked to take a before shot. There were tons of props up for use so us girls took turns getting our photographs taken.

The goodie bag along with the little Eiffel Tower containing our surprise gift

We settled down with some food and were each given a goodie bag containing:
2x Leaflets from Malu Wilz

1x Leaflet from Eugene Perma Professionel

1x Eugene Perma Essential 30ml Color Protection Hair Bath

1x Malu Wilz Body Spa 25ml Lotus Hand & Nail Cream
We were also handed a little Eiffel Tower of our own which had a little surprise in it which were were told to claim after the workshop.

At the Workshop

As the workshop began, we were given an introductory lesson on the two brands and were asked various questions like what makeup difficulties do we face on a daily basis.

There were many healthy discussions going on such as face contouring, making the eyes bigger, creating a lip pout, shaping eyebrows, smudging and more.

Mr. Goh took in our issues seriously and slowly addressed them one by one.

A video demonstration by Malu Wilz

By using the Malu Wilz products, he went through each demonstration smoothly while explaining the process needed to achieve the form of the look that we wanted.

One thing interesting about this though was that he only did the demonstration on one side of the face, allowing us girls to have a more hands on experience into understanding and achieving the same look on our own so that we could do it at home.

#1 Eyebrow Shaping

How to define the eyebrows

With regards to our brows, shaping them is a key feature that we have to take into consideration into defining the face. 

Mr. Goh demonstrating how to shape the eyebrows

It is usually the first thing that people will usually notice about your face and let's face it; having a well groomed brow will bring just enough attention to your eyes while serving as a frame for the entire face.

Learning how to shape the eyebrows

Mr. Gold Goh shows us that by first identifying the shape you then slowly fill in the brows will a shade lighter than your original brow color. 

This is due to you don't want your eyebrows looking too overly done, hence taking the attention away from your eyes and instead going to the brows.

#2 Face Contouring

Mr. Gold Goh doing a demonstration on Face Contouring 

Face contouring on the other hand is to show depth and definition to your face by focusing on the cheekbones.

The Results!
(Photo Credits goes to the awesome Beauty Bytez)

Giving them depth and headlining them will allow your face to have more shape and allows your features to get highlighted even more in pictures.

Creating the shape for the face contour
After the demonstration

Gentle strokes is all you need to achieve this look. Take your angled blush brush and start by sculpting the inner corner of your cheeks (near the ear) and bring it down evenly following your cheekbone. This will create that natural dark to light contour you desire.

Remember, just do it in one gentle stroke; reapply in the same downward direction if you need to but do not glide the brush up and down as this will not give you that depth that you desire.

#3 Smokey Eye Look/ Bigger Eyes

Now the signature smokey eye is a look that all of us aim to achieve.

Personally, I find that creating that sultry smoky eye look is always a challenge for us girls, especially when you want that particular look to make your eyes bigger. 

How to make the eyes bigger with the smoky eye effect

There is always an off chance of ending up with panda bear eyes but if done properly, you will achieve the look you want to get.

Mr. Goh demonstrating how to brighten the eyes

We learnt that curving your shades from the outer to the inner corner of your eye lids will create that depth that you want to have with your eyes and will give an illusion of a bigger eyelid.

Another simple trick to pull off this look is that always remember to put an orange or a yellow base that is one tone above your skin color and pat it under your eye to achieve a brighter look.

#4 Shaping Your Lips

Demonstrating on how to use your lipstick sparingly with the help of a good lip brush

Now lets move on to shaping your lips lips. Before we get into it, please ensure that your brushes are clean. Especially your lip brushes. 

This is because if you do not clean your lip brush and leave it as it is over time, bacterial formation will take place and hence your lips will pay the price with the effect of being cracked and peeled.

Defining the shape and filling in the color

Create the shape you want and slowly fill in the color evenly for a shiny pout. You can top it off with a glittery lip tint for a nice glossy effect as well.

Introducing Eugene Perma (Artist) Shape Look Gel

For those that have unruly hair, it is best to use a styling gel to create the style that you want.

This is where the Eugene Perma Professionel (Artist) Shape Look Gel comes in.

Eugene Perma (Artist) Shape Look Gel; 150ML

The full size of the Eugene Perma Professionel Shape Look Gel is 150ML and is a gentle transparency gel that is glides smoothly over your hair leaving it shiny and radiant with no worry of clumpy stickiness anywhere.

As you can see from this video (eventhough its in French), the gel is pretty long lasting and gives a very nice and even shine for your hair.

Highlighting Eugene Perma (Artist) Shape Look Gel

We were offered to test the product and as the gel like formula was placed into the middle palm of our hand, we could feel how smooth the product was.

Extremely easy to apply on the hair and true to it's rave reviews - no stickiness nor clumpiness was involved.

Girls gone wild!
(Photo Credits goes to the awesome Beauty Bytez)

After the demonstration and briefing on the two brands, we were given the opportunity to try out the makeup and the hair products. 

Now imagine this, a room full of ladies to try out makeup and hair products as much as they wish- yup you guessed it; Stampede!! 

The atmosphere in the workshop

The amount of excitement and energy that was going around the room at the time was amazing. 

Group Shot!
(Photo Credits goes to the awesome Beauty Bytez)
(From Left: Arpita from, Samia Saad from, Kay from, Myself, Shasha from, and Edazz from

We were also assisted by the friendly staff at the GG Perfect Point Make-Up & Hair Academy and were free to ask any questions we had regarding the products.

Shasha from opening her surprise located below our little Eiffel Tower

Arpita from having an awesome time

Claiming our surprise gifts at the counter

I have to say whoever thought of having that cute little message of surprise for us to claim is simply brilliant.

As it was nearing the end of the workshop session and our energy was somewhat drained running up and down searching for makeup (ouch our poor toesies), we were pumped up all over again because of this wonderful surprise.

Mrs. Lok, the Managing Director of Malu Wilz Malaysia presenting the 'Best Dressed Winner!'

After all the fun activities, Mrs. Lok, the Managing Director of Malu Wilz Malaysia presented the 'Best Dressed Winner.' 

This was personally chosen by Mrs. Lok for the amazing transformation from a Plain Jane to a beautiful Lilac Girl, so congrats and well done!

After our makeover, we stood in for some pictures as well to commemorate the awesome event.

From Left: Myself, Arpita, Shasha and Edazz

Myself and the gorgeous Edazz

Another group shot!

We also managed to meet the man behind it all, Mr. Chuang Yik Lim who is also one of the brilliant minds behind The Lilac Box

Thank you for the lovely organization, wonderful pictures and an awesome event!

With the brilliant man behind it all; Mr. Chuang Yik Lim

Overall, I learnt a lot about the two brands and had a wonderful time. 

This workshop definitely gave us more insight not only about Malu Wilz and Eugene Perma Professionel, but also taught us the importance of makeup techniques, cosmetic cleanliness and hair care.

Yes we love Malu Wilz & Eugene Perma!

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Xx to The Lilac Box, Malu Wilz & Eugene Perma!

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Looking forward to more upcoming events The Lilac Box! This was truly one to remember :)



  1. Awesome post babe! You've captured everything from the workshop! Stunning pics too! So glad to finally meet you that day.. See you soon gorgeous! XO

    1. Thanks babe, was lovely to see you there too! :)

      Had such a lovely crowd and the workshop was super fun.

      Can't wait to see you soon! <3

  2. Fantastic write-up and the pics are just gorgeous! As always, you looked fab!

    1. Awh thanks babe- was so lovely to see you too!

      Was definitely a day to remember - all that makeup and laughter; had a really awesome time :D


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