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Shopping this Christmas with Mr.Lens X The Butterfly Project

Can you believe it's another one more day to Christmas? I am pretty sure that everyone has completed their Christmas Shopping already and hence are looking forward to play a little dress up this coming Wednesday.

What is your Santarina Look this Christmas?

So what better way to celebrate this coming Christmas week and amp up our little Santarina look with a pair of fresh new contact lenses?

In collaboration with Butterfly Project, Mr.Lens is an online E-Commerce site which started out back in the year 2002. Being the largest online contact lens re-seller in Switzerland, certain parts of Europe and now in Asia, they offer high quality eye-care products, fast delivery, professional service and best of all, great prices.

As we were given the opportunity to review their services, I took a chance and jotted down each update that was given when my purchase was made. So don't worry, a step by step introductory lesson will be given to you on how to make a purchase from Mr.Lens.

So here is how it works.

#1 How To Make A Purchase From Mr. Lens

Mr. Lens Login and Home Page

Step 1: Head on over to  This will direct you to their homepage.

Step 2: Move your mouse over to the right hand side of the page and click 'Login'. The next page will prompt you for your existing account details. If you do not have one with them, no worries, you can always sign up as a new customer; no strings attached.

Choosing the type of Contact Lenses you might need

Step 3: Once you are in your account page, move your mouse over to the left hand side of the page and click on the type of Contact Lens you are currently looking for. The categories are all well segregated for your viewing pleasure.

The Various Type of Contact Lenses

Step 4: As I chose the option of 3-Monthly Disposable, a new page popped up displaying the different ranges of contact lenses.  As there will be a few options for you to choose from, take the opportunity of going through the ones that you like. You can also view the retail cost along with the current promotion price offered for each different item.

So once you have made your choice, move your mouse over the selection and click the type of lens that you would like to purchase.

Details of the Contact Lens that you have Chosen

Step 5: Now over on this page you will need to look at 3 different things. First would be the type of contact lens chosen along with it's duration, second would be the price and third would be selecting the power and color that you would like to purchase for the contact lens.

I also liked the fact that they have put in a little review tab down at the bottom for customers who have tried out the contact lens in the past. This would be a great way of allowing future customers to come to an easier decision while purchasing Mr.Lens contact lenses.

Check on the total of purchase

Step 6: Your next step is pretty standard I should think. As we were allowed to make 2 purchases for review, I chose the option of 1 ColourVue Starburst Colored Lenses in Gray along with ColourVue 3 Tones in Green.

Both contact lenses had no power and were valued at RM 90.00 each. Do double check on the total of price before clicking the checkout sign.

Delivery Information and Details

Step 7: There will be 4 steps to completing your payment, so as for the first one, you would need to check your shipping address *where you would like your purchased goods to be sent to* and if you have any additional requests to go along with your order.

If you have a gift code to put in, you can also insert it in, update your cart and click Continue ;)

How are you going to pay for your purchase?

Step 8: After clicking Continue, a list of payment options will open on a new page. Click on the one that  you prefer and make your payment! :)

And you are done!

Step 9: After completing your purchase, an email will be sent to the email registered for your account and an invoice will come up :)

Step 10: Ah the final steps ;) Mr.Lens will be constantly updating you with regards to your purchase which is a plus point because you can be assured that your items will never get lost in the mail.

This generated email will be constantly updating your order status and will even give you a link along with the finalized information via PosLaju for kind reference as well.

Pretty Amazing Right? Delivery usually takes 3-4 days upon the date of purchase so I really commend them on their fast and professional service.

Overall Rating of Services

Service: MCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content Creator

Delivery: MCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content Creator

User Friendly on Purchase: MCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content Creator

E-Commerce Website Interface: MCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content Creator

#2 Arrival of Contact Lens

Arrival of Goods

Mr. Lens Contact Information

My contact lenses came 3 days after my purchase and was packed neatly in the PosLaju Small Flyer Package. Details of Mr. Lens were on the delivery slip as well.

Contact Lenses

As you can see the items were packed pretty neatly and had no damage to them whatsoever, so I was a pretty happy girl. Well done Mr.Lens! :)

#3 Items inside

Contact Lenses

 The 2 contact lenses came in the brand box ColourVue and as you can see were not damaged at all. The one that caught my eye was the tag for "Bigger Eyes Sexy Looks" so hopefully upon application it lives up to it's tagline.

Items Inside

As I opened the package to discover what was inside, you can see that there were:

1x Purchase Invoice
2x Color Contact Lenses
2x Mr.Lens Name Cards
2x Leaflets

What do you get?

So as you can see, there was no mix up and I got my contact lenses exactly how I wanted it. No power, one in Starburst Grey and another one in 3 Tones Green.

Is it 3 Months Disposable? 

At the side of the box. you can also note that the contact lens are indeed 3 months disposable. It also highlights on it's expiry date as well.

The ColourVue Starburst Grey Contact Lenses in 15mm

How does it look like?

As my eye was a little dry I decided to go ahead and try out the ColorVue Starburst Grey Contact Lens first. The contact lens felt very light upon application and had an intricate design on to it. It's diameter faced 15mm and contained 45% Water and 55% Terpolymer. 

Upon Application

As you can see, the design for the ColorVue Starburst Grey Contact Lens really came out in the sunshine. I wore it throughout the day and had no visible redness nor discomfort that affected my eye at all.

With regards to Mr.Lens, I would definitely go back to them for a repurchase. Their service alone sets them apart from the rest. So a big thank you goes to The Butterfly Project for recommending them and allowing us to experience their service and goods first hand. It was definitely a memorable experience.

For more Information, do go to their website at:

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