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Ninetology U9Z1 x LG Optimus Pro G

The latest brand in the mobile market? Maybe.

With regards to Ninetology, I have actually heard about it in passing and seen plenty of billboards on it - especially while travelling up and down to KLIA airport; but to be completely honest, I wasn't too familiar with the brand.

Since I had the opportunity to review the Ninetology U9Z1, I quickly clicked browsed my way over to the Ninetology Website and did a little research on my own.

For those of you who are new to the brand like me, the keywords that you can take away with this is that Ninetology performs on an ASEAN platform and is inspired by bold and fast paced lifestyles that zooms in on practicality and functionality.

From Left: Ninetology U9Z1 and LG Optimus Pro G

So as you can see, 2 phones were given to me for a comparison review by Ninetology for a week's duration.

The first one was of course the Ninetology U9Z1 that was priced at RM 1,199 and the second was the LG Optimus Pro G that came in at RM 1,888.

Below are some of the specifications, just in case you would like to get a head-start on the comparison's of the two phones.

Specifications of the Ninetology U9Z1 and the LG Optimus Pro G

So to begin, let's kick-start the review with our star product; the Ninetology U9Z1.

The Ninetology U9Z1

Front View of the Ninetology U9Z1

When I had a first look at the Ninetology U9Z1, the first thing that came to mind was 'Oh my that is one big phone.'

But as I tested it out throughout the week, I became more relaxed with it as it is pretty user friendly and actually started enjoying the clarity of the games and the benefits of having a big screen; especially when watching a YouTube video.

The details on the Ninetology U9Z1

The Ninetology U9Z1 is pretty straightforward; main controls at the bottom along with the charger dock, the camera located right at the top and at the back of the phone.

Running on an Android 4.2 OS, this phone places itself on pretty good speed, and is exceptionally good for those looking for uncomplicated grounded basics in a phone.

Size of the Ninetology U9Z1

With regards to it's size, unique preferences comes from the individuals themselves, but as I have always been a fan of big phones and gadgets, the size of this phone is of no drawback to me.

Putting it into the pocket may be one thing that you might have to consider though as 161 x 82.5 x 9.3mm is not quite a light fit.

The unboxing of the Ninetology U9Z1

The Ninetology U9Z1 comes with it's headliner tag 'Larger than Life' on the box. I find that this rings true as the phone is a pretty big one.

Items inside the box

The Ninetology U9Z1 comes with:

1x Earphones
2x Instruction Manuals
1x Ninetology Charger/Transfer Cable
1x Ninetology U9Z1 Handphone

Ninetology U9Z1 Review:

By far with this phone, I don't have much complaints as its battery life served me well for more than 24 hours with just a single charge.

The clarity of the HD Color Screen while browsing through YouTube videos was excellent as well and it was extremely user friendly for those who want to enjoy a stylish yet simple and uncomplicated phone at the same time.

However, I do feel that maybe for some people it might be a little bit on the big size so if they could scale it down to the size of the Ninetology U9Z1+ then that would be perfect.

LG Optimus Pro G

Now let's move on to the LG Optimus G Pro.

Retailing at RM 1,888, this phone is a whopping RM 689 more expensive than it's competitor, the Ninetology U9Z1.

The Details of the LG Optimus Pro

The details covers the usual basis of the phone, but I do wish that the panel for the volume button and the home button did not extend all the way to the top as you would need to stretch your hand to reach it when holding it in the palm of your hand.

Size of the LG Optimus Pro G

Although this phone is slightly smaller than the Ninetology U9Z1, I find that this phone is made for a more 2 hand operations as it's back panel; the crystal reflection pattern is pretty slippery to handle without a cover.

The Unboxing of the LG Optimus Pro G

The LG Optimus Pro G comes in a small silver box which carries all the phone's essentials.

Items inside the box

The LG Optimus Pro G comes with:

1x Earphones
1x LG Optimus Pro G
1x Charger
4x Extra Earphone Padding

LG Optimus Pro G Review:

The phone is quite a pretty phone, but the battery life does not really hold up as much as the Ninetology U9Z1. At most with a single charge, is up to 18 hours.

Still, it is a pretty stylish user friendly phone for those who enjoy something towards a more fashionable side.

Photo Comparison with the Ninetology U9Z1 and the LG Optimus Pro G

As I choose my phones to prioritize and conform around picture quality, I took a test shot with one my home deco as an example.

I chose this particular one to sort out detail, lighting, exposure and graininess.

With regards to the Ninetology U9Z1, the picture quality is admittedly much brighter than the LG Optimus Pro G. However if you would have me to speak on the detail and exposure, I would have to say that the LG Optimus Pro G would win hands down.

Review on the Comparison of the Ninetology U9Z1 vs LG Optimus Pro G

So here is the question, is one really better than the other?
Frankly both are fantastic phones. It all comes to the individual's preferences after all anyway. 

The phone that stood out for me in this review was the Ninetology U9Z1. It is made affordable to the common man and covers all the basics of a phone with a touch of sophisticated high end tech embedded within. 

As a girl, I prefer simple things and like nothing too complicated. 
I enjoyed the high resolution of watching videos and whenever music is played, I have to say that the sound is pitch perfect to my ears. Not too loud, but not too soft.

For those who are considering of buying the phone, I guess the only thing that is a little bit on the downside would be the size but I think for those that are already familiar with Note sizes, would already be quite comfortable with it.

If you are interested to find out more about Ninetology and their products, kindly head over to for more information.



  1. Hey! Thanks a lot for the fair review and really do hope to see your other reviews in the future.

    Glad you like the clarity of our Z1+'s camera

    1. Haha yeah the camera for the Z1+ is pretty awesome ;) Once again, thanks so much for giving us the privilege to review the gadgets :)

  2. LG Optimus G Pro is priced at RM 1,888.

    1. Thanks for the info Charles - have made the adjustments accordingly ;) Cheers!


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