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My Beauty Resolutions for 2014 with Yadah Malaysia & The Butterfly Project Malaysia

One thing I absolutely love to hear about are all natural and organic cosmetic brands. So you can imagine how I happy I felt when I heard about the organic cosmetic brand YADAH ^^

For those of you who are not very familiar with the brand, YADAH originates from South Korea and they are the brand that carries products that are absolutely FREE from artificial coloring, chemicals, preservatives, mineral oil, sulfate and animal extracts.

Using botanical plant extracts such as essential oils, barks, floral water and traditional herbs you can be assured that this South Korean brand is absolutely 100% natural and gentle yet effective on the skin. Kudos for going green!

Recently we were asked in collaboration with the wonderful Butterfly Project by Yadah Malaysia - what are our Beauty Resolutions for the year 2014?

So as I sat down to think about this, I thought back on the year 2013 and pondered on ways to improve my beauty habits to look forward to a more beautiful year. Here is what I came up with ;)

Beauty Resolutions 2014

To drink more water and stay hydrated. This will provide good moisture for the skin and will keep me feeling fresh along with having a clearer complexion.

To use products that are more environmental friendly and organic to create a balance of having a more beneficial & youthful year.

I find that learning more about a much loved brand while enjoying the brand New Year with such a beloved community is one of the best things to look forward to and be a part of. Dressing up is of course a plus point but then again what can compete when you are in the presence of such great company as well? :)

So ladies, what are your beauty resolutions that will lead you for a more beautiful year for 2014?

For more information on YADAH, kindly head on over to their webpage at Yadah Malaysia and click on that subscribe button.

And once again a big thank you to The Butterfly Project for providing us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful collaboration. Looking forward to the fun we shall have together. Can't wait to get my party mode on for that natural beauty look with Yadah Malaysia <3



  1. i think we have the same resolution, to drink more water for the benefit of our skin ^_^

    1. haha of course babe ^^ Water is always essential no matter where we go :D

  2. Water is so important and so easy to forget!

    1. Very true! <3 Need to drink more water now haha :D


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