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FAQs on Christchurch New Zealand

When in Christchurch

Rules and regulations are something that you guys might hear on a regular basis while travelling and true to its word, there is indeed some definition and follow up to that. Considering that this is depending on the countries that you would want to go to, there would be visas that would need to be obtained, passports verified (make sure that you are more than 6 months from the expiry date), entry cards to be validated and so much more.

This recent trip to Christchurch, New Zealand was an eye-opener just because funnily enough that was a few barriers which we found difficult to access while we were here. Hence I will be listing them down for you below in terms of the most frequently asked Q&As to make this article as helpful as it can be for all of you.

FAQs on Christchurch, New Zealand

On the sights and more

Do I need a Visa?

For all Malaysian passports, no you would not. There would be a check-box at the back of your entry card (which will be given to you upon arrival) which would state if you are on a temporary visa or if you would be applying for one upon arrival - you would not need to tick that- for the representatives will do it for you at the counter. I was a little unsure myself as the form was a little intimidating, so if you are like yours truly, leave it blank and the custom officials will fill it for you.

Am I allowed to bring in food to New Zealand?

For all intents and purposes, the answer here would be no. They are surprisingly strict about this and even if its just food from the plane, you would be advised to leave it on board. However, if you are planning on bringing in some form of dried food and more; you can always check the categories that they have and declare them upon arrival (You might need to pay a fee for them though)

Where do I get the best rates for my desired currency?

Usually for this, stay clear of airports or from doing the currency exchange in the visiting country itself. I have frequent a fair few and trust me when I say that you will be getting far less than the market rate when having exchanged during your travels. So its best to do your foreign conversion at malls (best rates are at MidValley and Paradigm Mall) to get the best value for your Ringgit.

How do I go about on tours?

There are several websites that you can look at before making your trip (will list them below) but its always best to know where your point of interest would be before applying for one. However if you would like to save cost, you can always rent a car and head towards your desired destinations. Its advisable to have an itinerary planned before though. (Depending on where you are staying, ask the reception or take brochures from the airport). Oh and do get a GPS to avoid from getting lost.

Tours Details: Hassle Free Tours, RedBus, Grand Tour and Canterbury Trails

Car Rentals?

Ah be a little careful with this one. If you have a Malaysian license instead of an International one, this would mean that you would need to get it translated and thus would cost you quite a bit (NZ69.90 to be exact), plus it will take an hour for them to process. If you don't mind the wait, head down over to the car rental of your choice (Budget, Jucy, etc) before 3pm (as all places will close at 6pm sharp) to get it done. If you are relying on that sole transportation to get you around and didn't receive your car in time, do have a cab service number at hand at all times, just in case. (You can also get the center to give them a call for you as well)

Places on Interest in Christchurch New Zealand?

Now a lot of people often tell me that there aren't many places to visit in Christchurch but if you know your locations, you would know exactly where you would want to go. Queenstown in one of them (4-5 hours drive from Christchurch - plan your day around it) as plenty of the LOTR locations were filmed there. (Such as The Wolves of Isengard, Exodus from Edoras and more.)

However for the other highlights which are a little bit more nearby, you can find them below.

  • Akaroa Harbor (Hector Dolphins Sightings and more)
  • Canterbury Plains and Farmlands
  • International Antarctic Centre (Penguins)
  • Waipara Wineries
  • Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
  • Kaikoura Coastline (Whale Watching)


With regards, I hope the FAQ above has helped you guys know a little more on Christchurch, New Zealand and no worries I will also be relaying some stories on the tourist locations that we went to while we were here. In all honesty, New Zealand is a beautiful place and I can't wait to share about it even more but in the meantime, I hope you guys have a great week and I will see you again in the next upcoming post.



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