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Yay or Nay? KOSÉ Sekkisei Trial Kit


It has definitely been awhile since we last spoke about KOSÉ, but don't fret as we are back on the bandwagon and experimenting with these little blue bottles of joy. Now I am pretty sure that all of you have seen the magnitude of reviews on this kit already as this is a collaboration with The Butterfly Project, so to keep things a bit more interesting for you guys, I am going to be taking this in a rather different approach,  just to make this article a little more fun to read.

So to begin with, lets start off with KOSÉ's latest which is the Sekkisei Trial Kit that retails at RM99 nett. (inclusive of GST of course)

So kicking off with the price (because let's face it, that is a vital bit of information right there), KOSÉ is pretty much a known brand to those of us in the beauty industry and their affordability on products are wonderful.

The brand prides themselves on skincare and seeing that the results has proven to have worked well for me in the past, I am pretty excited that they came out with this set, for not only does this save cost for the average consumer but it is also an entire regime in just one kit.

The Sekkisei Trial Kit

However, the basics that I think all of you should take note of in terms of KOSÉ, is that this skincare brand focuses primarily on brightening and natural beauty - so when you do think of the brand, think beautiful, translucent skin;  the type that is so plumped and moisturized with oriental herbs that your skin can literally mirror your own refection upon any surface. *Seriously, no kidding*

KOSÉ's Sekkisei Lotion
(Best Seller)

The Sekkisei Lotion

Now if anyone here has tried KOSÉ before (raise hands please), you would all know very well about  its best selling lotion. Enveloped in a very simple bottle, this is by far my favorite product from KOSÉ. It can be used as a toner which in a way is ideal but I use it more as a mask, just because the hydration that this one product gives is just nice and well balanced for the skin.

The Packaging
Applying the lotion as a mask

The concept of doing up the mask is a very interesting one, where you would simply need to pop off the lid, insert the sheet mask capsule and mix it in with the formulation within the bottle cap itself.

I still remember how interesting it was when I came across this concept a couple of years back and seeing as the trend has gone global in stride, it has come in very handy; especially to those of us on the get go.

Using the mask sheet capsule
Allowing it to puff up

With regards to its usage, I have listed down a simple 'How To'  guide below just in case if you guys are looking for one. As for these little capsules that you see on the top; well that is the Bihadagoyomi sheet mask, which also comes in very handy for travelers since its so small.

How To:

1) Take the capsule sheet mask and put it into the bottle cap.
2) Pour out the formulation into the bottle cap and wait 1-2 minutes.
3) Once the formulation has soaked in, the sheet mask would puff up. Take it out and unwrap it.
4) Place on the face for 10 minutes then gently remove and pat the excess off.
5) The skin will be left moisturized for a good 8 hours after application.

On the moisture

The steps are very straightforward and once the capsule does puff up, unfold and place on the face as soon a possible as the hydration will sink in after a good 5 minutes and the skin will be left moisturized for a good 8 hours after.

  • Moisture Level Before Application: 28.5%
  • Moisture Level After Application: 39.8 %

It will also be good to note to balance the formulation well - as too much will leave the skin with extremely intense moisture and too little would leave the mask to be too dry to be applied on to the face.

KOSÉ Sekkisei Emulsion

The Emulsion

As for the emulsion, the usage would be straight after the lotion and those two on its own for me is truly a power combo. Admittedly the lotion would be good enough on its own, but to go the extra mile (especially if you have dehydrated skin), the emulsion would do the trick in terms of getting the hydration locked down.


The emulsion prevents dark spots and dryness which is one of the reasons why it works so well with the lotion but due to the formulation being a little bit more heavier than the lotion, a little does go a long way. One full pump does the trick here and you would simply need to pat it down to ease the moisture into the skin. Absorption here is quick and seamless.

The Results

You would need to let your skin settle for a bit before you see the results, but as you can see from the picture above, the radiance is definitely clearer if compared to the very first picture that is on top of the page. The skin also averages to be a bit more even, plus as measured by the hydration below, there is a slight moisturizing increment as well.

  • Moisture Level Before Application + Lotion: 39.8%
  • Moisture Level After Application + Lotion: 43.4 %

KOSÉ White Liquid Wash & Clear Whitening Mask

The Two Products

Now these two are the pre-care products, which means that they go on right before the two products above. The regime for the mask however is slightly different due to having to alternate it with the lotion on different days, but nonetheless I will be going into that further below.

On the consistancy

Now the consistency for the White Liquid Wash is very light and quite runny in terms of texture, so try not to tilt anywhere whilst applying it on. However, this is a good thing as the cleanser is really gentle, plus with it being taurine based, it hydrates the skin really well without taking away the skin's natural moisture.

Cleanse and Absorption

What I really do like about the Liquid Wash is that it doesn't have much of a fragrance so its not too overpowering when applying it on, plus with the aspect of it brightening up the dullness of the face, that is always a thumbs up in my books. Results can immediately be seen with this, plus after wash, the skin is not left too tight or even too dry which is a good thing.

The Clear Whitening Mask
The consistency

This Clear Whitening Mask on the other hand is really something else. First and foremost there is nothing clear about it but the results that it gives goes far and beyond my expectations. Consistency is a bit nitty gritty as this has to be the thickest texture of the set and as for the application, it can get a little tricky.

Even out the texture
Never with your fingers though

You see, what this gentle peel off mask does is that it removes dullness and dead skin cells but yet at the same time, it brightens and hydrates the face. It takes 10 minutes for it to dry and peel off, and with its black texture (yeap it is not clear), you would just need to be very wary of your dressing (which was a poor choice on my end for wearing white)

Peeling off the mask
What you get

It would be best to apply this with an applicator though so that the texture evens out well (unlike the above) but try your very best not to spread the texture with your fingers too as this will waste quite a bit of the product. Plus as mentioned above, you can choose to alternate this mask with the lotion as both of them give you different results, so depending on preference, simply switch up the usage every four days or so.

Overall Results and Thoughts

Okay so overall, this is my two cents worth. I think this trial set is fabulous, especially for those who would like to get to know the KOSÉ and try out their range. Plus combined with the brand's best sellers, users would really get an optimum usage out of this kit to know what would work for them best. The pricing for this kit is undoubtedly great at RM99, and I think that given the choice of choosing a skincare kit to take for travels, this would do a wonderful job.

KOSÉ Sekkisei Product Price: (Individually & Full Sized)
  • Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask : RM94.30 for 80g
  • Sekkisei Emulsion: RM191.80 for 140ml
  • Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk SPF 50+ : RM105 for 60g
  • Sekkisei Sun Protext Essence Gel: RM98 for 80g

KOSÉ Sekkisei Kits:
  • Sekkisei Trial Kit: RM99

KOSÉ Sekkisei Limited Editions
  • Sekkisei Lotion (Sakura Design): RM331.70 for 500ml
  • Sekkisei Kit (Sakura Design): RM150

Overall, I believe this is a nice set to have and trial for KOSÉ especially if you have yet to familiarize yourself with the brand, and if you would like more details, you can head over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for further details. KOSÉ is also currently having limited edition Sakura features, so you can check that one out as well but in the meantime, I wish all of you a wonderful day ahead!



  1. Wow Shivani that's a good write up on KOSE... I've never tried their products before but your extra info definitely makes me want to purchase one of the kits.. And it's only RM 99, which I think is pretty reasonable. I might get it before I head of for our family vacation in June, than I can truly try it out and see if it works for my skin as it did for yours. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mel dear and it is my absolute pleasure. RM99 is indeed pretty reasonable for KOSE and seeing that it features some of their best products within the kit, I have to say, its definitely quite worth it.

  2. Wow! KOSE has trial kit now! I like the whitening mask which is in peeling form. KOSE products always the best! Whee~

  3. i just notice that the packaging is so matchy with your nails :P but really, the products are amazing and i love the whitening mask the most

  4. Love this packaging so much! Especially the surprise part!

  5. Wah, the KOSE clear whitening mask make you can take off black mask from your face so easy...!! I never try it. Thank you for sharing this :)

  6. i can't wait to try out the whole range and see the results on my own face! :D thank you for sharing this babe!! <3

  7. Really love this range a lot and am contemplating getting myself a full set.. but oh dear... the price tag... let me start saving more.. huhuhu

  8. Woot!! I love this range a lot, tried the lotion before and the peeling mask looks interesting!

  9. I only focus on your nail art! HAHAHA~ So beautiful.

  10. Using KOSE too and your skin is literally glowing after the whole regime babe! Thinking of getting the bigger sets soon? :P

  11. A tad pricey but it remains a good brand that really works well with our Asian skin. Love teh whitening mask. Was just using it last night.

  12. good write up! and fall in love with the lotion and the whitening mask. plan to get the normal size soon. :D

  13. Shivani, no wonder you had a great skin. I want to try the products too.

  14. Your nails attract my attention more! I have tried most of the products from Sekkisei range, some hit and miss... and their lotion is my fav :)

  15. I like the Sekkisei lotion mask and the whitening mask also.

  16. Somehow, after reading all the rave reviews on Kose, I wanted to try the kit too. And your skin looks radiant!

  17. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  18. wow... kose is a gd product. i was try kose b4
    but only d lipstick. Love d texture and matte...

  19. Their mask is really awesome especially the black mask. It's my personal favorite. :)

  20. looks like an awesome product. the before and after effect is too much difference.


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