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CLARINS Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil Review | (Huile Orchidee Bleue)

A Closer Look at Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

The discovery of new products still gets me hyped every time and upon uncovering products that do work, that's the time when you guys know that I will leap up from my vanity, run to the desk and quickly share my experience with all of you which would usually consists of enthusiasm flowing on to the page.

Now right here, this is one product that is all of that and so much more. Honestly I can't even tell you guys how much this product had saved my skin upon my return from New Zealand and in so many ways then one, it actually boosted my skin's texture and plumpness as well.

Sitting pretty at 30ml

You see, while having traveled back and forth within the last two months was a fun experience, upon return it did take a huge toll on my skin. I guess this was due to the different climates and all that but if you have been following me for awhile, you know that I struggle with severely dry skin. I have been combating this for the past four to five years and trust me when I say that dealing with its harshness is no picnic.

Nonetheless I dealt with it the best that I could but upon my return New Zealand I found my skin peeling at an alarming pace, and this was to a point that if it would flake near the bottom of my lip, I would experience terrible pain and bleeding which even putting on a mask to assist, would sting my skin to no end.

Drinking water didn't help much with the situation either as it simply replenished the nutrients and moisture that I had burnt out from day to day, so going through the products that I had, I gave this one a go. Now to be honest here, I was a little reluctant at first due to the fact that I found its consistency to be a little thicker and much too rich than the previous ones I was used to, but my skin needed moisture and plenty of it, so maybe, just maybe this little bottle might work.

The Review

Trying it out

The first day was painful. My skin had flaked to a point where even the gentlest of creams could not penetrate through so when I applied this on, yes it did sting, but just a little. Letting it sit overnight on the face (Measuring the amount with its Pasteur pipette which is attached to its cap) was a little uncomfortable but working it through, I slept off and let it work the product work its magic overnight.

Come morning, I found that the redness that had occurred during the past week had softly subsided and upon gently feeling my wounds there was hardly any pain. With this I was extremely overjoyed as the oil was indeed working for me to have a well rested recovery ahead.

Measuring the consistency with the pipette

After using the product consistently for another week, my skin bounced back to normal and the radiance flourished back to my face. My texture felt plumped, well nourished and soothed and there were absolutely no signs of peeling or flaking in sight.

Surprisingly I found no oil seeds, bumps or pimples after the two weeks (I expected some due to its intense moisture) but seeing that this formulation contained 100% pure plant extracts with zero preservatives, maybe that was why. This moisturizing oil is absolutely perfect for dehydrated skin as it helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines, but the one thing that really beats the odds is how well it worked to balancing and restoring the skin to its original order.

Overall Thoughts:

Pros: 100% pure plant extracts, hazelnut oil, zero preservatives, worked wonders on dry skin, delivers radiance and nourishment, prevents moisture loss and decreases redness on the face.

Cons: None.

Additional Tips: 1 drop before going to bed at night while damp | 1 drop to mix with your foundation during the day.

Retail: RM185.50 for 30ml

The skin condition after two full weeks of trial

I really can't tell you guys how much I can't get over how great this product is as it has not only saved my skin but relieved it to a much better condition than it was before. However if you are hesitant, or would like to try it out for yourself, its best to go over to a Clarins counter and ask for a sample first. Overall, on my end, it's efficiency is seamless and combined together with a great scent, this is truly a fantastic product that I would replenish  a hundred times over.

In the meantime for further details, you guys can check out Clarins Official Website and Facebook Page for information. As always, hope this review has helped.



  1. Wonder if it's greasy on skin? Cz I really hate the feeling...arhh

  2. Hot season like skin also keep peeling. Thanks for the review!

  3. I like the fact that is contains zero preservatives. Looks pretty promising, especially in these hot and humid days in the tropics. Love the nails by the way!

  4. Great product and pretty affordable too. Wondering does it feel greasy?

  5. really so good? :D i think i should get the sample and try it out first

  6. Yes! this is one of their signature products. I like the fast absorption and moisturizing effects.

  7. everyone wonders if it is greasy... I am wondering just the same dear Shivani.. won't you tell us please... hehehe

  8. These products look great!!!

  9. Not a fan of oil products but this is worth a try! thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

  10. I rarely using essence or any treatment oil for my skin! But this looks really great =D Happy that your skin back to the radiant and moisture skin after using this!


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