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A Crispier Menu with Garage 51

The new menu at Garage 51

The one thing you really got to love about Garage 51 is their ability to be creative when it comes to their menu. Their selection of drinks and dishes are already pretty popular to those who stay around Subang and Sunway, but even more so to those that reside far, and yet make the effort to go out of their way to travel the distance just to tantalize their taste buds in the cafe's unique dishes.

Mochatella | RM16
Mixing in the milk

Now as we already know Garage 51 for their famed drinks like the above aforementioned Mochatella, what could there be more to offer? Well if you are looking for a venue with a themed menu selection to kick back during those lovely weekends, give a go at Garage 51's latest collaboration - which is with the flavorful Mister Potato.

Garage 51 X Mister Potato Selection
Chicken Breast Burger with Mister Potato Sweet Chips | RM23

The presentation

So possibly what is going through right now is the thought process of having Mister Potato chips with a meal and a dessert. Has it been heard of? Well why not? After all, a good crunchy bite is always a great addition to any dish and a rather savory one at that makes it all the more better.

The Texture

Hence, given the fact that the menu has 7 desirable choices to have a choose from, the one you see here is aptly named the Chicken Breast Burger with Mister Potato Sweet Potato Chips. Served with a healthy charcoal bun and thick yet tangy sauce, the portion is also generously big. Plus with two crunchy chicken patties within, it was certainly a very enjoyable mouthful that anyone would be pleased to have sitting on their plate.

Garage X Mister Potato Pancake with Nutella | RM18

The pancake stack

Most of us are huge fans when it comes to a breakfast favorite like the pancake, but this one adds a twist, for it mixes Nutella for a more sweetened texture along with kernels of caramel popcorn and strawberries to have that extra kick.

Light and fluffy, it comes in a serve of four that is neatly stacked on top of one another and with the addition of the Mister Potato Chips, it certainly hits all the right spots in terms of its seasoning as well.

Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps with Tomato Salsa & Garage Dip | RM13

A great appetizer

As for this particular one, this makes a great starter palette for family and friends. The salsa dip is really nice and paired up with the addition of mayonnaise on the side, it makes for a great conversation starter too (purple chips anyone?). You can certainly opt to have this any day at any time too, suiting of course to your preference.

The Dishes Offered

Overall, the menu offered by Garage 51 is really great and while there are certainly going to be a couple more items on the menu that is going to be a worth while try, (like the smoked duck burger for instance), the selection is pretty varied and caters well to all those who come to visit. In the meantime, for further details, you can head on over to Garage 51's Official Facebook Page for more information too.



  1. looks yummy. think should go out a date here after this :D

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