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The 7 Exclusive Islands In Johor | Must Visit Destinations

Islands in Johor

Life in the bustling Singapore can sometimes get a little too serious. With tight deadlines, strict rules and high targets to be met, your daily routine can easily turn into one boring and monotonous cycle. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. 

Located just a few miles from your doorstep is Johor, which is home to many picturesque islands that you can escape to. Looking to spend some quiet time on a budget? All you need to do is take a bus from Singapore to Johor to sample the vibrancy of one of the following highly sought-after islands.

Pulau Rawa


Pulau Rawa is as idyllic as the white doves from which it borrows its name from. And although it is a relatively small island, you will surely fall in love with its food especially the special Rawa fish. 

This island is located a stone’s throw away from the town of Mersing meaning you can take a brief vacation here and be back in time to continue with your routine life back in the city. While here, you can enjoy exploring rocky cliffs or simply wind out at beach, which is covered, with pristine white sand. 

Pulau Aur


If you are looking for a destination that still retains its original beauty and is located far away from any signs of modernity, Pulau Aur is certainly a good bet. 

Known for its clear waters and unbeatable diving sites, no other tourist site rivals the Aur Island when it comes to wealth of marine life. Want to get a taste of what ancient living in traditional villages felt like? This is the ultimate place to visit. Pulau Aur is perhaps the most underrated diving and snorkeling sanctuary in Malaysia.

Pulau Tioman


The virgin beaches of this relatively large island introduce a whole new chapter to the concept of sunbathing. And that’s not all, if you are looking to hang out with undisturbed marine life in their natural habitat, Tioman’s scuba diving spots are a must-try

Feeling like taking a long walk into the wilderness? The Genting village located within reach, covered in lush rainforest is an explorer’s paradise. 

Pulau Tengah


Sometimes you just want to step out of the city without raising curiosity about your whereabouts. In that case, the privately owned Pulau Tengah remains a top choice because first it is only accessible to a few. 

In addition, the “Middle” Island has immense historical significance and some extremely rare fish. Its lucidness and tranquillity are profound meaning if you are looking to get a sincere sense of jungle living this is should be you go-to destination. 

Pulau Dayang


Known by the natives as the “Isle of the Pregnant Maiden” Dayang Island is literally loaded with bundles of joy. Because it has been uninhabited for many years, its mangrove trees and deep waters are home to endless mysteries. 

For instance, there is a common myth that swimming in the fresh water lake found on the island can restore one’s fertility. Whether that’s true or not, one thing is for sure – there is more to this island than just swimming and jungle-trekking. Every time you visit Pulau Dayang, you are likely to stumble upon something mysterious and exciting; worth exploring.

Pulau Harimau


Chances are that you have never heard of this island before. And yes, it is hardly publicized as a tourist attraction. But if you are a seasoned traveller, I am sure you know that the finest things in life come from some of the best kept jewels like this one. 

If you are planning to take a bus from Singapore to Johor, this is hands down the most relaxing and gorgeous place for a family vacation. The Harimau can only be likened to the Maldives, only that is a lot cheaper and nearer to us. 

Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar is a sanctuary where barefoot comfort meets pristine islands. Everything from the surrounding blue pristine ocean waters to the peaceful chalets that offer exclusive sea views seems to be extremely well thought out. Indeed, as its name suggests in the native Malay language, this island is big on fun and big on exclusivity. 

As you dock into this magical island, a soft tropical breeze begins to work its magical spell upon you. The awesomeness of the palm trees and lush gardens whispers peacefully to your ears as you sample out a location where joy and relaxation is guaranteed.

At Pulau Rawa

So to make the most out of your visit, the best time of the year to take a holiday to the Johor islands is between April and September. The weather at that time of the year is usually the best for snorkelling and deep diving. Remember that one of the budget-friendly and authentic ways to rejuvenate your travel experiences is by taking a bus from Singapore to Johor and then taking a boat transfer.



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