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Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops | Sunlight

On Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

When Cover FX first teased their Custom Enhancer Drops (Highlight & Bronzing version) on their Instagram account, the internet went wild. After all, what was there not to like?  It was a bottle of ultra-concentrated illuminating and bronzing drops that will allow you to customize your ideal glow with a liquid metal or a sun-kissed finish.

In The Shade | Sunlight


So here we have the shade "Sunlight", and let me tell you after getting my hands on this, the product has been an absolute game changer; both to my foundation routine or any highlight, strobing or bronzing scene for that matter.

Formulated without parabens, this Custom Enhancing Drops is like a tint, where it produces a subtle glow that is buildable with more drops added.  There are six universal shades that includes four illuminators and two bronzers, and these and can be used on its own or even on top or below of a powder to create a nice highlight or a glowing hue.

The Applicator

In terms of its packaging, it comes in a 15ml bottle with a nice dropper dispenser. You can control the amount that you would want to apply with this, although I do have to say that you would need to be careful with the dispensation of the drops, as the rim might get a little messy once the formulation has accumulated on it.

A Pale Gold Sheen | In the Shade Sunlight

Nonetheless, with regards to its pigmentation and shade, this Custom Enhancer Drops does not disappoint as it is extremely concentrated and goes on like liquid metal.

What's more, if you are opting for a natural glow look throughout the day without a supreme sheen, what I would do is that I usually mix in a nice amount of these drops in with my foundation, and it imparts an beautiful glow that goes on my skin smoothly without looking too over the top. Besides using it solo as a highlighter as well, I also found that it can be used as an eyeshadow, which is nice too.

Mixed in with MAC Soft & Gentle

In addition, seeing as this would look particularly lovely on all skin tones, this beauty product also has fantastic staying power as well. There was no budge or fade on the application once applied, and heading out with it, the consistency would be able to last you for at 8 hours at the very least. It is also extremely easy to blend, so take your beauty blender and buff away!


On overall, I would say that this product certainly receives high marks in terms of how far the ratings of highlighters would go. I am certainly all for it, so it is worth every cent if you are looking to purchase it. However, since these have not been made available in Malaysia yet, you can definitely look out more on its details at the Sephora US Website in the meantime. It's retail goes for USD42 per bottle.



  1. OMG that shines! I really love highlighter as I love the shines on my face =) This looks so gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Love the highlighter! A must get then, will check it out ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. What a little hack, the highlighter can be used as an eyeshadow. Thanks for the tips


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