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Bourjois's Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation & Concealer


Yes or No?

As you may have seen on Instagram, the new formulation of the Bourjois's Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation and Concealer has landed on our desk, and for all of you who have loved the original formula, this new one is an absolute kicker as it has an added vitamin-infused complex that erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthier looking complexion.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation
Available in 6 shades | RM59.90

The Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation

So here we have the 4 out of the 6 shades for the foundation and 2 out of the 3 tones that are available for the concealer. Now starting off with the foundation, the shades that are available is a limited line that is well suited for light to tan skin. This is not so much for deeper skin tones unfortunately, so the brand certainly has some space to explore on that, but in terms of texture, those who have dry to combination skin would really like this.


However, partly because its consistency is semi matte, this does not technically rule out those of you with sensitive and oily skin, but if you are keen on trying this out- only a thin layer would be needed to provide a natural finish without your foundation looking too overly dewy.

Best to mind that touch ups might be needed every 3 hours though. Nonetheless, due to the 24 hours hydration that this range provides, it would also be good to pat the formulation down with a setting or mattifying powder for a more flawless finish.

Best way to color match | Jaw Line
Foundation in 54 Beige applied alone without primer & concealer | Yellow Undertone

Now let's talk about the coverage. Since this foundation is pretty much similar to its original formula, the texture is lightweight and gives a really nice bare-skin sensation. So as you blend it in, you may notice your natural skin peeking through the foundation once its applied on. The coverage goes on light to medium and gives a very healthy looking glow with a boost of radiance as well. However, as it is not meant to correct or cover dark spots, it would be best to start of with a high coverage base color corrector beforehand.


Lightweight and does not settle into lines or pores. It is not sticky too and blends great.

The Myth: 

16 Hour Wear? 
At best this foundation lasts for a good 6 hours without reapplication.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti- Fatigue Concealer
Available in 3 Shades | RM39.90

The Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer

Let's move on to the Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer. Right off the bat while patting this down, the reformulation of this has a much lighter texture than the foundation, but with the same new vitamin complex, it assists with brightening and blurring the under-eye area as well. Both shades are at least two tones lighter than the skin swatched, but nonetheless since we are brightening after all, the one in 52 Medium does best to suit tan skin.

Applied and set with Laura Mercier's Loose Setting Powder

However one thing that needs to be pointed out here, is that you would need to know if your under-eye is more towards a pink or yellow undertone. This is good to acknowledge because if you were to use the wrong one- without a corrector, your complexion under the eye might turn a little grey or ashy instead of giving the illusion of healthier skin. Spot concealing however, is great with this.


Extremely light and brightens up the under eye area nicely. It is lightweight and hydrating as well.

The Myth: 

Sheer to medium. Does simple spot correct too but is not meant to cover and correct huge blemishes. Not very buildable over dry areas as well.


Overall, both products are good if you are a big fan of natural coverage and if you have obvious pores, this works well too as it does not really settle much into fine lines but rather stays on the surface for a more blurred out effect. A thumbs up on the radiance as well as it brightens the skin really nicely too.

However, if you would like to find out more, you can always head over to Bourjois Official Facebook Page for further details. In the meantime, both the foundation and concealer can be found at all Watsons nationwide, Hermo and leading pharmacies as well.



  1. Can see a big different on your skin after you use this products. I want to try it too.

  2. Nice write up Shivs, i truly enjoyed reading your article. Makes me want to get one of the Bourjoiss healthy mix anti-fatigue foundation for myself too

  3. Thanks for sharing the facts and myths. At least we know for sure what we are getting if we were to make a purchase.

  4. Nice review with great details, l noticed a great difference on your face in the picture , l think it's worth a try

  5. Great review. It looks good on your skin tone!

  6. Enjoy your article so much. Thanks for the sharing tips.

  7. the product seems great! would love to check it out!

  8. There's definitely a difference in the glow but I guess it wouldn't work out to well for darker skin tones like mine...

  9. And I though burjois only had lipstick line. loving that foundation though

  10. The foundation looks really good and ur skin looks dewy without looking too heavy. I might give the concealer a miss cos I prefer concealer with heavier coverage

  11. definitely look great on you, dear Shivani....you make such a gorgeous mama

  12. I am always on the look out for foundations with light to medium coverage. Will definitely checking this out in stores. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looking really fresh here, i do agree that not many know about the different tones and it's purpose hence making wrong assumptions on the product.


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