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3 Reasons Why We Should Appreciate L'Occitane's Aromachologie Relaxing Body Cream

The L'Occitane Relaxing Body Cream

As you may recall a month back, we attended L'Occitane's press preview stay in conjunction with the brand's launch of the new additions to their Pivone line. It was a very relaxing experience where we took to note on all the new products that were being release and thus I came across this one product that ultimately, I could not forget.

Now I have tried on a lot of body creams in the past but none was quite like this one where the experience of applying it on was beyond memorable. Like literally, I had serious dreams about this cream.

The Cream Within

Thus upon coming back I began my search, and the brand was quite lovely to send a jar my way (unfortunately the handle broke during shipment), so thus here we are to discuss, and I could not be more excited. Now the first thing that you would need to know about this cream is that it comes in a significantly big jar. You get a generous amount of 200ml at RM195 and the scent is a beautiful mix of essential oils, lavender and sweet almond oil from Provence. The feeling of application is almost sensual, with pure relaxation - which trust me if you have had a long hard day, would be the best thing to come home to.

Now I am not completely certain about most of you but body creams to me are an absolute must. Reason being is due to the fact it gives a good balance of nourishment without a term of neglect, because I find that if you can care for your facial routine, why not the rest as well.


So hence coming around to point number two. The Aromachologie range that this product belongs to consists of Mediterranean oil which helps to soothe and revitalize the skin. So if you have damaged skin or struggle with some scarring, the blend of the five essentials oils adapted to this body cream, will thus help to repair and voluminous the cells that are within. Keep in mind that the results of this will take time and thus with consistent use, the product will assist the skin well.

Finally we come to the third point where I find to be one of the pivotal focus to any beauty enthusiasts out there. For a cream, this texture is highly absorbent and leaves no greasy residue behind. It is not heavy handed at all and has on a decent staying power with aroma-therapeutic quality that leave the senses relaxed and comfortable. I also find that upon application at night, I was able to sleep much better, so that is always a plus point.


On overall, I do recommend to give this one a go for I personally have not come across a body cream with aroma-therapeutic benefits that has made me go over the top with enthusiasm. Needless to say, I will certainly be repurchasing this once my jar has been fully utilized and if you are like me who enjoys light herbal blends of lavender then this would be the one body cream to try. In the meantime, for further information, you can head on over to L'Occitane's Official Website for more details.


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