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Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer

On Murad's Overnight Detox

So what we have in hand to discuss about today is the Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer. What this product does is that it revitalises the skin overnight with its super-charged antioxidants from the Marrubium Plant Stem Cells, neutralises pollutants and strengthens the skin barrier while you sleep.

On the Packaging

Now it comes at a hefty price tag of RM398 per 50ml but what is interesting about it is that it combats pollution (UV) and blue light from electronic devices that accelerate visible signs of ageing.

Now this is something that is extremely new to me because I haven't really heard about blue light before, but since we are in the age of now and are constantly sitting in front of laptops, TVs and computers most of the time, this wasn't exactly beyond me, so I started the routine, using this product at night just before I go to sleep.

The Product

Hence fast forward to two weeks later, and thus we have here the verdict. The first thing that I would like to put out there is to take note of the packaging. This product comes in a jar, which usually I am not a big fan of, just because products tend to oxidize and deteriorate more quickly when the active ingredient comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, but for this one, it comes in an air free jar that allows you to control and push out just enough of the product onto to your hand.

On dispensing the product
A Closer Look

This is a very nice aspect of the Detox Moisturizer and I have to give props to Murad for thinking of this because many of its users would appreciate it, and hence moving forward to utilising this, the application is very simple, where you would need to take a dollop size (about a 20 cent coin reference) and massage it evenly over the face, neck and chest.

The warmth in your fingers will activate the ingredients within the product and thus will penetrate better into the skin, instead of spreading it on the surface with just an applicator.

The Product Within

Now in terms of the product's performance, it is said in its description that it is meant to brighten and even tones while helping to visibly reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. To that, I have to say, not completely.

The brightening factor on the product is wonderful and over time of use, you would certainly see your skin getting more radiant with a great glow. However in terms of reducing fine lines, this to me is visibly not by much. I do think that maybe it takes more time to see the results, but over the course of two weeks, I certainly didn't see much of a difference and that was a little disappointing to me.

After blending in

However, you can most certainly use this as a day or night cream because it has a lot of Vitamin C within to help even the skin tone and combat redness, plus it also has a good level of hydrating capabilities as well. As for the blue light claims, I can't really tell  much about that as yet as I am a little unsure on what I am suppose to be looking for in terms of the improvement on that, but so far as a whole the results are looking to be quite good so I am pretty happy about it.

After Usage

Overall, the product has done well in my books and if you are not up for strong scented moisturisers, then this one is the one for you because it has a gentle fragrance. I cannot justify its capabilities to detox the skin though, because I personally think that cannot be done, but as for giving the skin good hydration and a radiant glow, it has certainly has reached a good level of my satisfaction.

So for further details about the product, you can visit Murad's Official Website, but for more information, you can also head on over to their Official Facebook Page to know about the updates.


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