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The Face Shop Yehwadam Pure Brightening | Does it really work?

The brightening range

You know, it has been awhile since my skin has been properly treated. You see, after going through the motions of pregnancy, I noticed that my skin's texture seemed to have dulled down quite a bit, and was thus not as radiant or as smooth as it was before. I am pretty sure that some mothers out there would agree with me, but usually after giving birth, you would need to keep things in check, and one big factor of that which would usually get impacted would be of course the skin.

Now ideally I could have looked over previous hydrating products that could have boosted back some moisture to the skin, but anti-aging was the one that I was gunning for, seeing as fine lines had also started forming  around the eyes and smile lines around the face. This was something that had been ongoing for a while but somehow after pregnancy, it felt a little more prominent.

The Packaging

So after taking note of all the issues that I was facing, I decided to routine up and have a thorough go through with The Face Shop's Yehwadam Pure Brightening Collection. After all with the range being formulated with anti-aging properties that is especially suited for Asian skin, this would work well to our skin chemistry, thus making the complexion much more youthful and radiant as time goes by.

The Face Shop Yehwadam Pure Brightening Range

On the products

But first, what exactly does this line do? Well first and foremost, this is a brightening range. The formulation consists of 7 traditional medical herbs that restores the skin's radiance together with minimizing skin aging. Not only that, but it also improves the skin tone and reduces the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots as well so let's just say that I was all for it.

So here we have four products in the collection (toner, serum, emulsion and cream) and right off the bat, the packaging just blows me away. The best way that I can describe it is minimalist elegance and somehow it enthuses a premium feel that completes its aesthetic design. Now I have been using the range close to a month now and it is good to note to use these products on a clean base, right after a good double cleansing is given to the skin.

On the toner
The texture

Hence let's start off with the toner. Retailing at RM158 at 155ml, the texture of this is extremely hydrating when applied to the skin with a cotton pad after a good cleanse. It is quite lightweight, soft and refreshing plus it leaves a healthy glow to the skin.

The serum
The consistency

As for the serum, its consistency comes in a slightly milky texture that turns watery upon application. The product retails at RM254.30 for 45ml and doesn't leave any form of stickiness after application which I enjoy, but the scent here is a little bit stronger than the toner.

One thing that I would like to point out here though is that this serum is just splendid for reducing redness, so if you are facing that issue like how I am, you will definitely appreciate this.

The Emulsion

As for the emulsion, the texture here is very lightweight and feels wonderfully fresh on the skin. This product retails at RM158.90 for 140ml and the scent is similar to the serum although not quite as strong. As for after its application, the consistency gives a soft and moisturizing feel to the skin.

It brightens up the skin nicely and can be used as a primer as well before the application of makeup in order to make the finish long lasting.

On the cream
The Texture Within

As for the final product in the range which is the cream, this comes at the price point of RM254.30 for 50ml and is highly concentrated to deliver radiance and moisture to the skin. This cream has an instant brightening effect with a soft and creamy texture and is best used at night to deliver plumped skin with a natural glow the very next day.

Before using the product - Day 1
After using the product - Day 24

Now after nearly a month of usage of the four products, I am delighted to say that I love this range. It is moisturizing, it gives the skin beautiful radiance and I am not sure if this can be seen clearly but somehow it has decreased my dark spots and pigmentation well. Plus seeing as the collection is on the more premium side of The Face Shop's skincare range, it is still quite affordable in comparison to other top lines out there.

In the meantime, if you would like to know further about this collection of products, you can definitely check out The Face Shop's Facebook Page for more information. You can also follow them on their Instagram Handle for more updates as well.


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