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When in Milan | The Metro & Locations Do's & Don'ts

Whilst in Milan

Upon marking our third day in Milan, it was heavily noted that public transportation, like the Metro was going to be our main mode of passage to get around and about here. There are other ways of course like Uber and MyTaxi, but upon good research and recommendation, this was not highly suggested, as most of the tourist attractions would be high in traffic, thus making the riders fee rather expensive, plus having difficulty in allocating a vehicle nearby in order to take you there.

At the Metro

However riding around in the Metro was surprisingly quite a straightforward process, but if you are planning to hop on and off to different locations around Milan, what we would suggest is to get the best ticket out of the lot to utilize, which is the 'Urban 1 Day Ticket' which would cost you 4.50 Euros.

This little stub would gain you an all day access to most Metro stations around Milan and would give you the flexibility to travel freely, as apposed to the standard ticket which would cost you about 1.50 Euros, that would only be good for a one time use for 75 minutes.

The Metro Map

Nonetheless, the thing about these Metro Stations which is good to take note, is that those who are in charge, rarely speak English, hence try not to rely too heavily on asking them about directions. Instead look at the map that is allocated at each station, mark the areas that you would want to go and head towards it. Or even better yet, take a picture on your phone to keep up and follow the colored directional lines to your destination.

Places to Visit 

Upon exiting Duomo Station
The line entering the cathedral

Now if you are staying for a short duration in Milan and would like to take a look at the sights, the first location that we would recommend is to head straight to Duomo, where the Milan Cathedral is parked right outside of the Metro.

Around the Gallery

If you need directions, you can refer to the map above, and head to Milano Centrale (Centrale FS) from where you are at, change to the yellow M3 Line and go four stations down to Duomo. There you will allocate all the high end shopping galleries, together with the unforgettable sight of the Milan Cathedral.

The sights at the Gallery

Now the only thing that we would ask our readers to be wary of in terms of being around the area is to be on the look out for gypsies. Since there will be plenty of tourists around the area during both day and night, be mindful of scams that go around.

One of these is called the bracelet scam, where you will see certain individuals going around with these string wrist bands. If you are not attentive, they will strap it around your wrist very quickly and you will be expected to pay for it. This scam can go between 10-50 Euros a time so do be wary. Sometimes they also work in duos where someone might ask for a donation and then they would come from the back and thus strap on the bracelet as well.

Walking along to the castle

As for the next stop, we have here the Sforza Castle, which if you are keen on walking a couple of blocks from Milan Cathedral (approximately 30 minutes), is a worthwhile visit. This site was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza (Duke of Milan) and was later renovated and enlarged and now houses several of the city's museums and collections.

Within its walls

Now although the walk might seems a little long in order to get to the castle, it is much recommended to do so as you will be passing by quaint restaurants, gelato corners and fashionable clothing outlets. Plus if you are a makeup and skincare enthusiast, stores like Sephora and Lush will be around the area as well, so you can certainly consider popping by as you stroll along too.

The View

On overall, the experience in Milan was completely wholesome and even though you may need to be wary of certain occurrences one way or another, visiting the country is certainly one that you will not be forgetting anytime soon. In the meantime, we will be updating an article on Florence soon, so don't forget to check in sometime in the following week as well.



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  3. The gypsies are really spoiling it for their host countries. Europe is swamped by them and people are weary of visiting.

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  5. Such a magnificent city.. I can only hope and pray I get an opportunity to visit this place one fine day..and good tip on the scam Shivani.. we have to be careful wherever we travel.. huhuh

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