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Products Used During Post Pregnancy That No One Tells You About | Tanamera

On post pregnancy

Throughout my entire pregnancy, the one thing that I was very concerned about was the aftermath. I think it is basically every new mother's dilemma, on whether the scars would heal well, or whether we would have the time to let it; and if we would ever get back into shape on how we used to be.

Hence after reaching the 6 month mark after delivery, allow me to let you in on a little secret. For the first 3 months, focus on you. Any negative energy, throw that away. Focus on that healing, because once you are well adjusted and happy, you will be able to focus well on your child, and thus will have a very happy baby at the end.

With my beautiful girl

However a huge part of this healing process relies on solid skincare products, one which I had to do thorough research about because I found that not many new mothers tend to talk or have a discussion about the topic. Whenever I stepped into a store, I began reaching out for the generics, most of which were expensive and infused with cocoa and shea butter for hydration but at the end, never really assisted with the problem.

I thus became very selective in my choices because here I was spending money on products that didn't really work. Finally my sister came into the picture and handed me this bar of soap for exfoliation. I still remember her saying that "Even though it might not look like much, down the road, you will thank me." And after using it for those 3 months, indeed I did.

Now this miracle soap was the Tanamera (Red Earth) Brown Formulation Body Soap, which through much research, my sister found online and recommended it very highly to me. It has a gritty surface which is wonderful for exfoliation and removes dead and dull skin. It is also good to even out the skin-tone which trust me after pregnancy is just splendid.

So thus after I began using it, I started learning more about the brand. To my surprise I found their products to be extremely affordable and tailored to be available to everyone, regardless of who you are or where you are from. Not only that, but this is a brand that caters internationally and supplies their products to plenty of high end spas around Malaysia like Banjaran and more.

On the new collection

Hence let's push forward to where we are now which is 6 months later, where here we see Tanamera launching its new Hibiscus line. This collection of five is pretty unique for not only does it use our national flower as its prime ingredient, but the extraction of the raw materials sourced for this is just beyond amazing. I honestly didn't know that you could get so much out out of it.

Bath Powder
The Scrub

Thus, let's do a breakdown. Now in this line, we have the body scrub that comes in two different types of packaging which is in a jar (RM94.50) and sachet (RM28.50); another is a bath powder (RM21.50), then followed by a body soap (RM21.80), facial mask (RM29.80) and finally tea (RM40.50).

The Hibiscus Tea

I gave a go at the hibiscus tea at the launch and it is just sublime. The scrub is a powerhouse on its own, not only because of its scent and high concentration of Vitamin E, but of its exfoliation and the softness that it brings to the skin.

A Closer Look
The Granules

Now a small highlight onto the scrub which I believe is good to note is that the granules within is quite fine. Water is its activation so the more you scrub it in with water onto your skin (work this in small quantities) the more smoother and dead skin cells it takes off.

On the line

Now on overall, you can see immensely how much I adore this brand. For not only does their products really do help in post pregnancy care, but also because of its immense affordability and being able to cater to everyone and not just to a specific group. Their range is also quite vast so remember if you would like to check them out, head over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for more information. For further updates, you can check out their Instagram Handle as well.



  1. Thanks for sharing about this brand babe. Pretty useful got other mothers out there :)


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