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The launch of Hairdepot Loft at 1 Utama

The products at Hairdepot Loft at 1Utama

Back in the day when I sourced for good shampoos, conditioners and treatments, I would often go on reference or on word of mouth from friends or relatives, which would usually downplay specific hair conditions. Everything would go on a general basis thus warping the products given on an inaccurate base foundation; instead of giving a specific collection of hair care items that my crowning glory would correctly need.

However nowadays I appreciate individual consultation from professionals for usually the results for the hair would be great and with consistent use, my strands would usually fare and improve for the better. Hence as to why today, I will be introducing to you the new Hairdepot Loft located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre which holds some of the most solid hair care lines that I have viewed in awhile.

Specifying The Hair Condition at Hairdepot Loft

The Entrance

However let's get down to hair conditions first. I have spoken about this many times on this site and if a lot of you have colored, dyed or even bleached your hair constantly, you would know the struggles of having dry hair. However the specifics on this can vary, for most people can revitalize the strands if they were just dry but for some who began with finer hair; this dehydrated factor can cause hair loss, brittle strands and even breakage.

The Hair Milk Range

So when I was approached by the friendly consultant at Hairdepot and explained to her my concerns (dry & breakage), I was introduced to four products; two hair care items from Erayba Hair Cosmetics sourced from Barcelona, one Scalp Balance Exfoliate and Treatment Set from Midori Professional that is formulated in Japan and one bottle of Argan Oil Hair Serum from Hairdepot.

Breaking Down the Products

Erayba Hair Cosmetics

Now let's start off with the first two products from Erayba Hair Cosmetics mentioned above. This line took me by great surprise, not only because I have yet to know more about their collection, but just because they had a range called HydraKer Total Repair which besides its Keratin Shampoo K12 that the brand is known for, had - would you imagine Keratin Hair Botox.

The consistancy of the Keratin Hair Botox

However don't be fooled by the name because the formulation for the Keratin Hair Botox (RM108) is one of the best I have ever experienced for dry hair, for not only does it give the strands a sleek and smooth finish after leaving it in the hair for 20 -30 minutes before rinsing but it also amplifies the strength  of the hair by refilling its hair fiber to remain healthy and moisturized throughout the day.

The Keratin Shampoo K12 (RM78) on the other hand gives a good moisturizing and repairing effect that when applied to wet hair gently for a minute, it results into a natural shine. However in terms of usage, you might need to shake well before use to mix the two consistencies within to get that flattering aspect.

Midori Professional

In terms of the Scalp Balance Exfoliate & Treatment Set from Midori Professional ( RM165), it plays to the scalp's condition and if you have undernourished or even an aging scalp, these two products within the set can give your hair the check and balance that it needs.

A Personal Favorite

Applying this to the root of the hair and massaging it in gently for 2-3 minutes, this helps with hair fall, for with a clean, healthy and exfoliated scalp, hair growth would be able to heighten hence providing a healthy scalp environment.

Argan Oil Hair Serum

Last but not least, lets have a minute to talk about the Hairdepot Argan Oil Hair Serum. (RM89) This product has a very versatile usage where it can be used on either wet or dry hair while it protects the strands from heat and constant brushing. It also created a long-lasting anti-frizz protection that helps moisturize every layer for healthier and shiny hair.

Instagram Giveaway for Hairdepot Loft

Giveaway on Instagram

So here is the best part. If you have seen on our Instagram page, there is an ongoing redemption going on where you can actually redeem a full sized bottle of Hairdepot Argan Oil that is worth RM89 for absolutely FREE with no purchase required. This is only for the first 100 people valid until the 15th of July 2016 so to utilize it, all you would need to do is follow the steps below.

1. Follow @hairdepot_my and @penmyblog
2. Repost or Regram the photo on your Instagram Account
3. Tag @hairdepot_my and @penmyblog
4. Show the repost on you Instagram at the staff at @hairdepot_my new store at One Utama, Lower Ground at LG311G New Wing.

The kids Haircare Range

Overall, the products have all worked wonderfully on my hair and I will certainly be going back to Hairdepot once I have completed my hair care routine. In addition for those of you who would like to know on Hairdepot Loft's house brands, they currently hold 13 at 1Utama (Midori, Herbalogist, Hair Milk, Hairdepot, Greenology, Ecru Little Green, Ecru New York Streets, Cab's, Aurane, Erayba, Phytorelax, Farcom Aler, Farcom B-Style and more).

Group Shot

They also have 29 outlets operating in Klang Valley and Johor under Hairdepot and K Care Shop which its products also can be purchased online as well. However, for more details you can always head to their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram Pages for further information. As for Hairdepot Loft, it is located at LG311G at 1Utama New Wing (+603 7496 7927) with operating hours from 10am to 10pm daily.


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