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Giveaway Announcement

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Lancôme Energie De Vie Smoothing and Glow Boosting Liquid Care


Lancôme Energie De Vie

I don't think I have ever been this impressed with a skincare product before (especially after using it for only a week) but the Lancôme Energie De Vie Smoothing and Glow Boosting Liquid Care is certainly something else and this week, it is going to be one of our top listed products that we are going to be discussing about.

A Closer Look

First and foremost, let's have a look at the packaging. The solution is encased in a green glass bottle which is not only really pretty to look at; but the consistency within seems to be a combination of a care and treatment booster that keeps the skin refreshed, energized, luminous, hydrated and plumped.

This is suitable for all types of skin conditions plus the bottle comes available in 50ml, which is best used in the morning after cleansing the skin thoroughly.

The Formulation and Texture

Now with all these technicalities out of the way, let's talk about the formulation. The product is colorless and has a very nice and light watery texture that absorbs into the skin almost immediately after application.

However in terms of its first impression, the very first thing that you will certainly acknowledge about the product is its signature scent. You see, the fragrance of this line has a very nice floral and fresh tone which is an extreme delight to apply on a daily basis, and with its texture being so lightweight, the scent isn't overpowering either.

Overall Thoughts

So what makes this product so special? Well, dealing with dry textures and dehydrated factors due to lack of sleep and daily norms, this product is a gem that helps the skin feel more nourished and healthy instead of being dull and  fatigued. After two days there was also a significant improvement to the skin's texture balance as well (imagine the surprise there) which made the skin much smoother with a hint of brightness too.

Areas of Significant Improvement After Usage

  • Skin became more hydrated and smoother
  • Cheeks felt plumper
  • Facial radiance
  • Fresh and luminous glow
  • Skin became more energized

Overall, this is a product that is well worth the investment and for RM220 (inclusive of GST) per 50ml bottle, you can find it at all Lancôme counters from the 1st of July onwards nationwide. For more details on this comprehensive all in one skincare product, you can also stay updated on their Official Facebook Page or take a look at their Main Website as well.


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