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Experiencing the K-Gloss Keratin Treatment | A Cut Above

All you need to know about the K-Gloss Keratin Treatment

It has been awhile since I last spoke about the maintenance of my strands and part of the reason was that after conceiving, my scalp condition began to change. This was in most ways where I was unfamiliar with it and felt like I was uncharted territory, as I had dealt with dry scalp before instead of an oily scalp in the present.

You see, the usual routine was to wash the hair once every two days, but during the final months, I realized that my regime started becoming more frequent, where it was once or twice daily. So when this started occurring, my crowning glory became rather dull (due to having less oil production in the strands as washing tends to strip it of its natural oils), hence my locks also became rather matted down, resulting to tangles, rough texture and breakage.

The K-Gloss Keratin Treatment

The hair texture before
The Keratin Treatment

So to get a good fix, a K-Gloss Keratin Treatment was introduced from A Cut Above. What this is essentially is basically a 45 minute process where an intense keratin treatment (that little blue solution) is sprayed on to your hair, and would needed to be locked in and untouched for two days to strengthen. Once done, it will leave the hair feeling soft and slick with a much highlighted shine than before.

The strands after blow dry

Now within this, the technique is actually quite simple where for the first step, you would need to wash and condition the first. Then after towel drying, your stylist would then spray the K-Gloss Keratin treatment to your strands and leave it on for 5 minutes.

The After Effect

You might sense a slight tingling sensation while this is being done but be assured that this is completely normal. Once done, a warm blow dry is set (the after effects of this might be quite sticky) but when completed, it will be straightened out to a sleek and polished finish.

Now as can be seen from the visual above, a good glossy sheen is now more obvious than the previous, but to make the results better, it would be good to not wash the strands for two days as mentioned. This ensures the lock of the Keratin, but if you have an oily scalp like yours truly, you might experience a little greasy feeling at the top of your scalp for the last half day.

The recommended shampoo to use after (best without sulfates | Priced at RM100 +)
The Treatments Available

Overall, I really enjoyed the end result for the hair, for after roughing it out with hormones and such, it has certainly been quite challenging to battle the change in my strand textures as well.

So if you would like to check it out, the retail of their treatment is from RM550 onwards depending on your length of hair (mine was around RM650), but in the meantime, for more updates and details, you can certainly follow A Cut Above on their Official Website and their Facebook Page.



  1. Whoa, the results are amazing! After bleaching my hair, it's definitely really dry and sad, haha. I'll definitely check this out when I'm back home. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Is this shampoo good too for man?


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