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So today was a rather fruitful day - my other half and I had gotten up early and we decided to hit the road and head to Sunway Pyramid.

We didn't buy much, we mostly sampled food around the place - but I did get a little something from my dear fiancee from one of the shops in Asian Asian Avenue :)

Yes you might have guessed it - I am a little bling fan myself and I simply adore dressing up my phone in every way that I can possibly think of.

This transparent iPhone 4/4S cover was decorated with little pearls and gems- biggest highlight was the 3 big pendant adorning crystals which I absolutely could not tear my eyes away from. Call me a girly girl - but hey, I am what I am ;)

 Undoubtedly we splurged a little bit on this - so I wouldn't really recommend it for those that do not see this as a daily wear for their phone but I do have to compliment the person that created this.

For the record, I am a big supporter to all those that indulge in their art and are not afraid of showcasing their talent. I never cease to find amazement in the things that people can create on their own.

(The shop is similar to the "Offline Blogshop" - also at Asian Avenue - but this particular one is for accessories *it is located near the entrance so you can't possibly miss it*)

So anyway I headed home,  and was fooling around with my Nikon D40x and I didn't realized that I had been photo bombed by the fiancee!

Check it!

Please note that we didn't really look our best - we were really tired and plus on my part, I had just taken off the makeup from my face and was simply messing with the camera, so what you are seeing is au naturale ;)

Anyway it's officially 2 in the morning and I should be heading to bed.

Just a reminder that I will be doing the mermaid nail tutorial soon so do watch out for it :)



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