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Today's review are a few items from

These were ordered from USA by Express Shipping so it took only about a week to arrive.

What was received was "Mixed Mystery", "Cake & Ice Cream", "Banana Split", "Pancakes & Syrup", "Creme Brulee", "Cookies & Cream" and "Fried Ice-Cream." 7 in total. If you are interested to explore more flavors- there are over 600 over - please take a look at the wonderful website posted above.

"Mixed Mystery" was a little something extra that was given by the lovely seller as a special gift along with the collection.

So these was what was received. Inside the envelope - the products were wrapped in thick brown paper so that nothing would happen to the products. After all, the products are made from natural butters and oils so there is always a risk that if it arrives by mail - they might melt through. However, due to the shielding of the wrapping, this did not happen.

So when I had unwrapped the brown paper, the products inside were presented with a cute transparent wrapper tied with a lovely pink ribbon for representation.

Taking a closer look at each individual lip balm, each are carefully molded to perfection- and the best part is they smell exactly like what their description states! Application is extremely easy and smooth - and last about 3-4 hours each time you put it on. Another good thing is that there are over 600 flavors and each one is skin,earth, and animal friendly.

At an affordable price of only $4.00 each, it is a very good buy especially if you are the type that enjoys funky things and is looking for something different. Made from natural consistency such as sunflower oils, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, caster oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Aloe Vera and essential oils - this will be a great item that you will not regret buying.

So take a try and supple up your look!

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