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Hi everyone,

How was your weekend? 

My biggest accomplishment was whipped up by my mum who took the time to make for me this for lunch and dinner after months and months of begging :P

Fried Lobak for Lunch

Brenner!! - Well that is what I call breakfast for dinner :)

I was so happy with this that my dear fiancee, Daniel took the opportunity during lunch to capture the moment when I wasn't looking.

Happy Moment

Look who wanted one?

There were also several pieces of chilled cucumber on the plate and since my 6 year old Shih Tzu Kibbles was giving me the puppy dog-eyed look,  I decided to spare him a few pieces as well :)

For those who are interested in seeing the quality of the Nikon D40x camera - here is a preview of shots that were taken earlier on. 

I noticed that in terms of picture quality of DSLR cameras- Nikon has always worked the best for me. I also enjoy playing around with the settings - I am sure you are able to notice that I like using soft vibrancy instead of using intense contrasting colors.

However, if you are looking for compact cameras, I would suggest Canon. Brilliant resolutions and hues - especially if used in dark places. If you view my posting of "Barcode@Jaya One" you can see the shots that were taken with the Canon Compact Camera.

Anyway, those are my rants for now - will  catch you guys on the next update.


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