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I'M by Emmanuel - Paradigm Mall

So today we are checking out "I M by Emmanuel", the latest favorite boutique store on my list. Located at the Upper Ground 32 of Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya - this store's concept strives on sporting latest fashions from Korea and showcases trendy pastel colors in it's fashion department.

I' M by Emmanuel
Paradigm Mall

I currently made a purchase of two bags that caught my eye at this store. One was of an electric pink intensity, and the other a soft lilac hue.

Electric Pink Shoulder Bag

I'M Emmanuel Brand Caption

Sideways Glance

Priced at RM 89.00, this fashionable bag is one of my current faves due to it not being only a shoulder bag, but also can be used as a clutch whenever you need it to.

Soft Lilac Hue Cosmetic Bag/ Pouch

I'M Emmanuel Brand Caption

Sideways Glance

Switching over to this great lilac bag or as I would like to call it "Cosmetic Pouch", the price comes in at an affordable quantity of RM 69.00.  Great for storing your makeup or light items whenever you travel.

Both Bags from I' M by Emmanuel

Both bags material are quilted from a soft cushion fabric that would make you want to keep holding till the day ends. It's great for using it as a headrest too - just in case you have different ideas  (^.^)

Retailing other great items such as clothes and delicate accessories - 'I'M by Emmanuel' is definitely a great boutique to put on your check list.


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