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Mermaid Nails

Hi guys,

Today I had the yearning of doing some mermaid nails :) However, I do not really have the time to be uber artistic and go all out so I have designed a rather simple yet elegant way for all you girls out there to buff up your nails for an occasion without spending much or even taking too much time with complicated designs.

The picture below is currently the finished look but rest assured that I will be posting up a tutorial on how to do this version of what I would like to call my own "mermaid nails."

Again - this look is best on long nails so I would suggest to wait out for a bit if your nails are a bit too short. If not, it would end up looking like mine - still a nice look - but the design won't really shine out.

Mermaid Nails

In the meantime, if you are the type who is crazy about creative nail art and has the time to indulge in it - you can check out these blogs. They have shown amazing designs and talent as to how to create their own look of the "mermaid nails."

Pictures as per blog.

If you have the time to try them out- please do. It's amazing what you can get from these practices!

Till then - look out for the tutorial ;)

Coming to you soon!


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