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Casa Titik Cherating; The Minimalist Approach to Beauty and Relaxation

Our Weekend Getaway; Casa Titik

Kuantan has been unmistakably been my home away from home ever since I was whisked away there for a meet and greet several years back with my other half.

Though even for a short weekend, it was a getaway paradise that reminded me so much of a simpler time where basic things like walking around and admiring nature was better than sitting in front of my screen and staring at beautiful pictures and wondering why on earth I was not at the other end of my computer.

So when a rather impromptu opportunity presented itself during one weekend, the girls and I decided to hop on the bandwagon and journey on ahead to whatever the road presented us.

The Entrance of Casa Titik

With much geared anticipation, the three of us decided to head over to Cherating and I have to say that all planning props go to Claudine for picking this Spanish Inspired cosy little Homestay B&B called Casa Titik.

This place had recently been built up during last November so you could say that it is pretty newly established. When we spoke to our concierge, Farah; she stated that this was actually a family business that was built up on their own piece of land so everything from the layout and design that you would find in this wonderful B&B was carefully thought out by their own peers.

The living room entrance

With over 20 rooms spreading over this entire estate, we decided to go with a family room suited for 4 people with 2 queen beds, a balcony, television and a standard bathroom.  There was even an inclusive 4 person breakkie on our end. Our room was located upstairs and I have to say that Claudine, Edazz and I were extremely happy with it because it was just so clean. Well you know how we girls love our cleanliness.

Priced at RM250 per night; it was a pretty fair deal seeing that even dividing the cost between 4 people would only come up to RM62.50 per person. There is an additional RM50 deposit which you will get back after your stay so basically you could consider the whole upfront payment as RM300.

Our beds

The thing about Cherating that you have to know is that it is a place away from the city so if you are looking for some sort of night life entertainment instead of relaxation then you may rarely find any.

However you can always opt to take your car up the road to Kampung Cherating for chilled dinner or a walkabout. There was actually a turtle watch going on at the turtle sanctuary at 9pm for RM30 per person- since it was the season but as we didn't feel like driving out much, we decided to fully enjoy the amenities that the B&B provided.

The Entertainment Room

One thing that the girls and I absolutely loved about this place was the entertainment center. It was a room at the end of the casa that was filled up with great indoor activities for the guests. From playing pool and Foosball to throwing darts, this area was a great attraction for guests to bond with one another. Oh and did I mention that there was a karaoke section too? ;)

The Pool

As you can see, the outdoor sight was equally as impressive as the inside. In the pool section there was an area for the adults, another for the kids and a warm Jacuzzi that would get going from lunch time to nightfall. And if you are interested in kicking things up a notch there is also an area where you can do BBQ at night with your friends and family.

Myself, Edazz and Claudine

Of course Edazz, Claudine and I wasted no time in kicking off our slippers and soaking our feet in the coolness of the pool. Best time to go would be at 4 pm. The water temperature was just right.

Edazz and I enjoying the pool

If that wasn't enough to get you excited about this place, let me bring you the best part. Right outside of Casa Titik was a beautiful horse ranch, caring for over 20 horses and ponies for you and your little ones to play with.

The Ranch

This horse ranch doesn't belong to Casa Titik, however you can always head on over to ask for a ride with them. If I am not mistaken it costs about RM100 for an hour ride by the beach which is great activity for couples/families who are looking to try something new.

Plus the horses there are wonderfully kept; well groomed and well fed.

Meet Jasmine!
And Bambi :)

Little ways down the road, the place opened up to a vast yet quiet beach which the 3 of us exceptionally loved.

The beauty of the sea was greatly matched with the warm white sand even though I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the slight littering along the entrance of the beach. Sometimes I just don't understand why some people can't preserve the beauty of the place. Sigh.

The serenity of the beach on our second day

As it was late afternoon the weather was just perfect for me to pull out my DSLR and snap a few pictures of the beach. Of course there was a lot of photo taking of us striking a pose now and then but hey we had tons of fun with it.

Enjoying the sun, sand and sea on our first day

Feeling the warm sand between my feet and gazing out into the ocean with two of my best girls I have to say that I can't help feel elated. Of course watching those tiny little crustaceans needle their way through the sand was an interesting thing to look at but the overall experience was the breath of fresh air that we needed.

Say cheese!

Our stay was short and sweet but for the 3 of us Casa Titik provided us with a home away from home experience, great memories and a special bond. Hosting great amenities, a friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome this place is definitely a travel destination that I will come back to.

A true hidden gem in the heart of Kuantan.

Name of Place: Casa Titik
Pricing : Family Room of 4 with 4 Breakfasts; RM250 ( Deposit RM50)
Ammenities: Entertainment Room, BBQ Area, Pool, Horse Riding and Beach
Travel Time from KL- Casa Titik, Cherating : 4 Hours ++
Kuantan Town to Casa Titik, Cherating: 1 Hour ++



  1. Reading this brings back so much of memories. Can't wait for our next road trip♡♡♡

  2. Oh cool! I am studying in Gambang, the uni that you will see when you pass the final toll before heading towards Kuantan. This is a good idea. Price is definitely worth it for a relaxation from all the hectic-ness =D

  3. OMG, I love Kuantan and have been going to Kuantan & Cherating every year for more than ten years! It's like my 'lakehouse' destination. I love that it's so laid back and the people are so friendly and that it's just as you say, a home away from home. It helps that it is now only about three hours drive but I remember doing double that drive on the windy, narrow trunk roads.
    Sometimes, living in KL makes me miss the sea so much.
    So lovely to get some OOTDs done by the sea too ;)

  4. what a lovely little place!! thanks for the write up (: think i'll be staying here if i ever make a trip to kuantan.

  5. what a beautiful holiday... u makes kuantan looks so pretty!


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