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Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet

So if you haven't already heard the news that was buzzing around the blogsphere for some time now;  let me be the one to tell you that Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet has finally made it's touchdown at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Syopz Mall on the 25th-27th April 2014 at 10am -6pm.

Sample of clothing at the Clothes Buffet

In accordance with Lins Communication, we had the opportunity to attend this lovely event where we were given a zip lock bag at the registration; valued at RM60 to be able to pick out as many clothes as we wanted.

The motto of the day was as long "As long as you can zip it, you could keep it".

The hustle and bustle at Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet

There were a couple of sessions; each timed at 15 minutes for us to be able to pick out as many clothes as we wanted. I went in for the 10:30 session and from what I knew, the clothes were all fashionably recent pieces and that there were no pre-loved items in the mix. So no worries, what  you see are all brand new.

Look at those happy faces!

We had a pretty good time picking and choosing the clothes that we wanted but I have to say that stuffing the outfits that you wanted into a small tiny plastic bag was not all that easy as it looked.

Isn't this pretty?

Seeing all the rolling and folding that was going on during my session I was a little worried that I might not be able to fit in as many clothes as the others. I am not exactly an expert on folding but I was pretty happy with the 8 pieces that I walked away with.

FH Club

Once we were done with the clothes buffet, we decided to hop on over to the bazaar which was just next door. One place that caught my eye was the FH Club.

The Customers over at FH Club

They had a vast collection of earrings, bags, necklace, masks and beauty products. Well basically you name it they have it. The best part was that they also had a little beauty box consisting of two Nature Republic masks and two accessories of your choice valued at only RM10! Great value for a beauty box.

The collection of their beautiful accessories

I had the pleasure of dealing with FH Club's Creative Manager Edmund Kwan and Yunnie Soo who were two of the most gracious people I have ever met.

With FH Club's Creative Manager Edmund Kwan and Yunnie Soo

And when I mean gracious, there was a small incident where a beauty box was forgotten in the midst of the purchase but Edmund went out of his way to my car to deliver the box to me; adding that he added in a few extra items to make up for the mistake. For that I just remember thinking; "Wow amazing...they really appreciate their customers."

So remember if you are ever thinking of making a purchase online, head over to FH Club for great deals. Great products, wonderful service and the people behind the brand are fantastic.

The other vendors

Browsing around there were plenty of other vendor at the bazaar that caught my eye and overall we had a fantastic haul. There were even a promotion for 2 dresses for RM50 so Claudine and I decided to go halves for that.

Isabel and the Crew from Lins Communications

I think what made everybody extremely happy was the blowout sale which occurred at 4pm-6pm and clothing would be sold off at RM10 per piece. We didn't have time to stay until the blowout sale due to having made plans for the weekend but nonetheless we had a fantastic time at the Clothes Buffet and the Bazaar.

Fantastic Event! Credits to Malaysian Largest Clothes Buffet for this photo

I am really hoping that Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet will be back next year bigger and better than ever. Rest assured that I will be the first one in the line up once it is.

To have a furthur look on the happenings of Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet, kindly head on over to:

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