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The Aveda Experience with The Lilac Box

Fairing a familiar view of it's hair products, Aveda and The Lilac Box held a very relaxed workshop session two weeks back.

The Session

In all honesty, I thought Aveda was a brand that specializes on hair care but when I attended the workshop, I found out that they have their own range of make-up as well.

Interestingly as we were browsing around the workshop we were also given an opportunity to explore Aveda's six sensories through the separate booths that offered:

1. Aroma Sensory Journey

2. Stress Relieving Hand Massage

3. Chakra Sensory Journey

4. Scalp Care Massage

5. Neck & Shoulder Massage

6. Hair Styling Discovery

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Now a lot of people tend to get a little tongue tied over the pronunciation of this brand, so let me assist by saying that Aveda is actually pronounced 'Ah-Vay-Da."

Completing the Experience

Before we started, we were given a small form to fill out; first consisting of our 'Daily Hair Care' routine and second a 'Ritual of Renewal' column for the vendors to sign off on once each experience was completed.

As you can see, each of the discovery that we received was completely different and targeted to each individuals core area - first from the top of the head to the neck down.

Receiving my Neck & Shoulder Massage

As I was having a rather bad shoulder pain, I decided to try out the 'Neck and Shoulder Massage' first. Believe it or not, after the massage I felt such relief as my shoulders shifted to a more relaxed stage than how it previously was before. It was like a huge burden lifted of my shoulders *pun intended* :P

The Wooden Paddle Brush

With regards to the 'Scalp Hair Massage', I found it particularly interesting due the way the massage was done with Aveda's best seller grooming too which was the Paddle Brush.

With regards, I am sure there are plenty of us that are using combs and hairbrushes for our hair but question is; are we using the right ones?

As explained by one of the specialists for Aveda, brushes do play a big part on our hair as purchasing the wrong one might end up making our hair coarse and unmanageable or worst still; causing hair fall.
The Aveda 'Wooden Paddle Brush' caught my eye because while it was being tested out on my scalp, I felt that unlike most brushes, its bristles were soft and extended a gentle massage to my head without getting my hair tangled as per what usually happens with my usual brush.

Originally created for scalp treatments and detangling, this professional brush features extended bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp. It also reduces stress to the hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling.
Creates a relaxing scalp massage

Light weight

Detangles hair

Enjoying our experience at Aveda's workshop

Now I am not exactly sure how much is the brush but it retails for $20 on Aveda's international website. I did inquire on the availability of the product here in Malaysia but I was told that as this brush was one of their big ticket items, it's availability of it in stores were limited.

With the ladies (Arpita, myself, Laura, Samia, Shasah and Edazz)

The whole programme was definitely well executed but I was a little disappointed at the end when we headed down to try the Hair Styling Discovery. As this experience could only be done at the main store, we had to head down to it's entrance and take turns to try it out. (the store was not that big)

However, as we were patiently waiting we were told to head back up for a closing which was a 5 minute speech and then were told to head back down again to receive our door-gift and wait again to try out the Hair Styling Discovery. This definitely was a low point for the girls as most of them were in heels so walking up and down several times was not a good option for them. 

With one of the founders of The Lilac Box, Ky-Gan

But to take things in stride, the overall experience did leave us relaxed and happy at the end of the day. From refreshing drinks, delightful food and a lovely pampering session, a special thanks goes to The Lilac Box and Aveda for such a wonderful experience. I look forward to your next session.

If you are looking to purchase from The Lilac Box or wanting to find out more about Aveda, head on over to:

Aveda Official Website:
Aveda Official FB Page:

The Lilac Box Official Website:
The Lilac Box Official FB Page:



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