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Flying high with Ninetology and Qualcomm

So by now, I am pretty sure many of you are in tune with what Ninetology is. From providing us with great mobile device technology, hosting fantastic events and product revelation, Ninetology somehow never seems to fall from its international standards of moving forward.

Coupling up with the world leader in smart mobile technologies, Qualcomm Mobile & Computing (QMC), it seems no surprise that Ninetology is flying high alongside the fast paced lifestyle of its consumers.  A vast expertise in wireless technology, QMC offers complete solutions that enable continuous innovation for today's smart connected devices.

Sean Ng, CEO of Ninetology

By far, Ninetology has established its revenue target of RM380 million by the end of 2014, as projected from its expansion plans into Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as presented by Sean Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Ninetology ASEAN.

"We have sold over 1 million units to date and have expanded into Indonesia as of September 2013, a partnership with Indonesia's renowned singer and actress, Agnes Monica. Our devices are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processors, a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, to continue our efforts in delivering outstanding value to our consumers, as evident by our results for the past two years,"said Sean.

 Not only that but in recent events, Ninetology also marked a great milestone on the 20th March 2014 where it made ASEAN history with the Ninetology X Qualcomm Plane Wrapping on our own Air Asia Airplane.

Ninetology Plane Wrapping
Indoor Interior
Shall we put a thumbs up for Ninetology?
The Ninetology Group

In addition to this wonderful achievement, Ninetology has also launched it's "So WOW For All" campaign which is an ongoing one year project to further expand it's reach towards its users and partners in the country.

Ready for the launch for the Ninetology U9J1?

Now remember seeing all those beautiful cos-players all dressed up? Well as part of the launch gambit, the "So WOW For All" campaign kicked off with the launch of the brand new Ninetology U9J1.

From Left: Available in Neon Green, Rave Red, Fuschia Pink and Classic Black

Coming in assortments of four funky colors, this Android devise is able with everything that a smartphone can do but at a steal at only RM199. Yes I kid you not.

Live Loud with the Ninetology U9J1

So if you are fancying a new phone at an affordable price tag, you can give the Ninetology U9J1 a try. I myself am thinking about getting it in the bright hue of Fuchsia Pink. Groovy.

Also as Ninetology is embarking on a mission to engage with the mass digital community alongside social influencers, leading the way of digital media networking in Malaysia, they organize monthly giveaways (themed #9Giveaway) on every 9th of the month.

To find out more about Ninetology products and events, kindly click on the links below for reference.

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