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M.A.C Rihanna 2 Viva Glam Frosted Lipstick and Liglass Review

Maybe it has been the season but lately I have been favoring very cool and dark undertones for lipsticks. One that has stolen my heart is the latest Rihanna 2 Viva Glam Collection that features a very metallic hue for it's lipstick where else it's lip-gloss has a beautiful silvery purple finish.

Usually I am not the one to don such lipsticks but this particular collection had me captivated. Partly because this brought me back to my teen years where I use to lean towards extremely dark shades but color me intrigued for the whole gloss and sheen look is coming back to fashion plus I find that it somehow gives your whole look a rather classy and polished feel. Kind of like Lorde and Lana Del Ray.

M.A.C's Rihanna 2 Frosted Lipstick

M.A.C's Rihanna 2 Viva Glam Frosted Lipstick is a color like no other; paneling quite a robot-like shade with hints of brown and grayish shimmer.  The color is buildable and for this color, it is best to work it in with the pigment of it's lipglass to give the lips a more plumper look.

Closer Look

Knowing that this color was specially made for rock princess Riri, it suits tan to darker skin tones really well. Of course you might be polishing off a more viva la glam look for night functions but then again, it is what the collection is suited for.

Application wise is optimized when applying the color with a lip brush; hence accentuating it's dual tone for that matte and satin finish. Understandably it's not a shade that many can pull off but keep in mind that it's duochrome shade does reflect differently in natural sunlight and indoor lighting.

M.A.C Rihanna 2 Lipglass

Similarly, M.A.C's Rihanna 2 Viva Glam Lipglass gives off a more glossy effect with purple shimmer and a sheer gray sheen. The purple color is definitely intriguing but this color works very well with the lipstick but as a standalone; not so much.

Due to it's sheer capabilities; it's best to work this lipglass with another color; preferably application within the center of the lips. This is just so your lips look a little more tinted and fuller. The packaging for both reminds me a little of NARS giving a rather velvety and rubbery feel to the touch.


As you can see from the swatches, both M.A.C Rihanna 2 Frosted Lipstick and Lipglass gives quite a unique balance to each other that somehow compliments both hues extremely well. Formulation gives both the ability to glide on easily on the lips though to be honest, the lipglass is a little too sticky for my liking.

However fear not as I have put the collection under the long-lasting pigment test and happy to say that both have passed with flying colors. This is quite a credit to M.A.C with regards to it's formulation seeing that I had gone about 5 hours throughout the day wearing it without reapplication and eating during lunch.


In terms of removal, it is best to use an oil base makeup cleanser to clean it off; and true to it's word, it is extremely easy to clean. Overall it is a lovely shade to add into my collection of lipsticks and though some might say that they are not in favor of the collection's color choice but on my end, I really do love it.

Of course, it is only fair to give you guys a full look of what both colors look like together with a full get-up like so I decided to experiment it with strong eye makeup and a clear complexion like what Rihanna usually dons. Wish my eyes were a little bigger to pull off this look though. Haha.

Overall the M.A.C's Rihanna 2 Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipglass is a great investment and to all those who are not afraid in looking to explore new colors and different hues. Retailing at RM70 for both the Frosted Lipstick and the Lipglass; you can try finding these in One Utama, as I heard that they are one of the last M.A.C Boutiques that still have these in store.

In the meantime, I will be doing more swatches on darker shades to comply with this Fall season shades of colors. One to look out for is from NARS and Make Up Forever. Who know's maybe I might even throw in a little ombre tinting if I am feeling funky. After all a little fun with color never hurt anyone right? ;)



  1. That's fierce! I would never be able to rock, say, Lorde's Heroine. Rebel ok lagi la. This one rocks on you.

    1. Awh thanks love! Metallic and dark hues all the rave this season :) Very posh-like lol :)

  2. Wow, so funky! It really works on you, Shiv!
    Is that a new haircut I spot? Gorgeous as ever.

    1. The shade is absolutely gorgeous but I didn't know if I'd be able to pull it off, until the makeup artist tried it on me lol.

      And haha that was styling all the way babe <3

  3. I love the shades and not everyone can wear those shades.

    1. Awh thanks dear :) It's a hard shade to pull off understandably but it'd be great for night/ party outings if you'd ever want to get a little creative ^^

  4. That lipstick will really make you stand out. It does look good on you.

  5. This frosted versions are perfect for the holiday season. I'm not into frosted lipstick but this one can be considered. The color is very fashionable too!

    1. I agree :) Holiday seasons and Halloween is upcoming so I am looking forward to using this a bit more. Loving the dual shades that it carries as well :)


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