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NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection Night Caller Review

Fall approaches us silently this season with its cool shades of color and it's dark demeanor. Flecks of shimmer, intense liners and mysterious looks are what keeps us wanting more and with a bold yet tender palette, NARS Cosmetics introduces the captivating scene of it's Fall 2014 Color Collection and it's new Night Series Eyeliners.

Now we do not have the whole range of the collection for you to preview but let's take a look a the beautiful shades that NARS Cosmetics has enraptured us with. First up we are going to dish out on it's limited edition eyeshadow palettes and blushes.

NARS Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow
(Limited Edition)

The NARS Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful combination of metallic dove grey along with a metallic amethyst, creating a stunning pigmented lush shimmer that leans more towards a cooling tone rather than a warm one.
The Swatch

Application was extremely smooth and there was no experience of fall out, though I would recommend a damp brush for it would help intensify each color along with bringing out it's beautiful range of shimmers. Worn over with primer, this beautiful shadows are able to stay on the lid for more than eight hours without touch up regardless of being worn damp or dry.

Quantity: 4 grams
Price: RM 120

NARS Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow
(Limited Edition)

Without hesitation, the Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow has to be the most beautiful palette that I have ever seen for this unique pairing of shades of the shiny rose quartz and chocolate bears strong color saturation that can be worn both damp or dry for both cool and warm skin tones.
The Swatch

Lasting more than eight hours on the lids when applied over primer, the colors do not fade or crease and with a light sweep, the pigmentation is quite intense on it's own. The formulation is absolutely spot on for the palette and compliments well to a wide range of complexions.

Quantity: 4 grams
Price: RM 120

NARS Unlawful Blush

Now this particular blush was interesting. With shades of amber pink with silver pearls, the NARS Unlawful Blush is right up the alley of neutral tones with a slight hint of peach with a shimmer of glitter. Giving quite a healthy glow to the apple of the cheeks when blended out, while the glitter surprisingly does not transfer as much and tone down once it settles on application.
The Swatch

I would need a few swatched on this for the color to show but I have a strong feeling that this might don beautifully to those who have a fairer skin tone. Application had an easy pick up on the brush however it might be best to note that it is a little on the dry end upon the swatch. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful shade of blush and if you like your cheeks with a healthy neutral glow, this would definitely be the one for you.

Quantity: 4.8 grams
Price: RM 120

NARS Flight and Night Clubbing Eyeliner

Oh my holy grail. Literally. The ones that we have are two out of the four shades and is absolutely divine. Gliding on smoothly in a single swipe without tugging on the skin, it's hint of sparkles does the trick wonderfully for night out with your girlfriends without giving away to much.

NARS Night Series Eyeliner Shades

Night Clubbing: Black with gold pearl
Night Flight: Black with cobalt blue pearl
Night Bird: Black with purple pearl
Night Porter: Black with green pearl

One thing that I did pick up on was the pigmentation, which I suppose due to the shimmer was not as intense as I expected it to be. However, these eyeliners are great to go on as blending shadows as well, so simply pop one on and shade it upwards.

Quantity: 0.58 grams
Price: RM 90

NARS Bansar and Mondore Satin Lip Pencil

One thing that is definite about NARS Cosmetics is that they never disappoint when it comes to their lipsticks and lip pencils. These Bansar and Mandore Satin Lip Pencils are no exception to that fact and gives a creamy and smooth consistency to the lips.
NARS Bansar Satin Lip Pencil is a warm shade of rose brown with a plum satin-matte finish. The coverage is not that intense and gave the lips a very velvety finish. The NARS Mandore Satin Lip Pencil on the other hand is a cranberry finish and if a beautiful shade of warm red with brown undertones. This particular shade gives a fuller coverage than the Bansar shade and stays on well for more than six hours upon application.

Quantity: 2.2 grams
Price: RM 85

I do wish the swatches were a little more clearer though as I am having a slight problem with my camera at the moment but this collection definitely is one of the highlights this Fall season. For more information on the collection, you can always head on over to NARS Cosmetics Official Website as well.


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