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Maybelline's Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara Review

Mascaras play a pretty big part in a girl's life. It enhances the eyes, opens them up and gives a very sultry and beautiful effect to anyone who is looking to achieve bigger eyes.  Maybelline New York's latest, the Volum' Express® mascara innovation Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara is the one that does just that by giving you 2X bigger eyes while giving you complete control over your lashes.

The Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara is the first double-ended mascara from Maybelline New York with two brushes of different sizes. These two brushes not only give you two diverse effects but also allows it's user with more versatility and control.

Big Brush (Top Lash)

What does it do: Creates dynamic volume to your top lashes. Perfect for delivering big volume instantly.

Application: Use it on your top lashes and sweep from root to tip.

Micro Brush (Lower Lash)

What does it do: It only has a width of 2mm which perfectly and precisely coats every tiny lash. Suitable for inner and outer corners as well as upper and lower lashes, especially over hard to reach places.

Application: Use it on your bottom lashes and gently sweep from root to tip.

Additional tip: If you would like a more natural look, you can use the Micro Brush on both upper and lower lashes.


Swatching on the Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara was quite interesting for me. This was mainly because of the pick up of the product but before I get ahead of myself,  do allow me to explain further. Now if you are the type like me who uses a mascara often, you would look for three things.

1. Clump

The very first big no no to a mascara is clump. Usually it depends on the application and the formulation of the product, but if the production is done wrongly, do prepare for your lashes for hard removal, separation and last but not least lash loss. So when choosing a mascara, select to what suits best for your lashes.

2. Brush bristles 

Brush bristles here are vital due to the fact that they are the core of your application. How they are placed determines how much formulation is picked up and applied on the lashes. Different brush bristles also determine whether they are suited best for the top or bottom lashes.

3. Quick-dry

I think this applies well to those that are constantly on the go. If your mascara doesn't dry fast enough; you would risk it damaging the beautiful eye makeup that you have done with flicks and dots of black clump. A quick dry mascara is just the thing to carry around in any vanity pouch; simply sweep up to make those eyes bigger and on you go to your next event.

Angled View
Side View

As you can see from the profile views, the mascara does give the effect of long lengthening with minimal clump. However, the mascara does dry off pretty quick so layering it too much will probably be an issue. It does however go in well to those hard to reach places around the corner of the eye.


Let's do a comparison

So just for fun, I wanted to see how the Maybelline'Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara compared to my current favorite, the COVO Magnifying Waterproof Mascara. As COVO's mascara is pretty buildable and gives quite superior volume to the lashes, I did want to do a small comparison in terms of lash length.

The difference

You'd be surprised but after application, I would have to say that they are quite similar but with only slight differences. While Maybelline's Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara does not clump as much as COVO due to the buildable range, I do have to say that in terms of lengthening and volume, COVO wins this bet hands down.

So would you like to achieve big eyes anyone?

Overall , Maybelline'Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara is a pretty good mascara to invest in; partly because of it's double-ended aspects to achieve two different looks for the eyes. Retailing at an affordable range of RM45.90, it is available in one color (black) and is great for those who are looking for a less clumpy mascara.


Name: Maybelline's Volum' Express® Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara
Retail Price: RM45.90
Highlight: Double-ended mascara
Color: Black
Quantity: 8.7ml
Availability: Maybelline counters, local pharmacies and hypermarkets

I can't say much on lengthening as there are a few mascaras out there that do give a slightly better effect but I would really give a thumbs up on the non-clumpiness/stickiness part. If I am not mistaken, it has already been made available in stores but if you would like to know more, do head on over to the Maybelline Malaysia Official Facebook Page or to their official website here.



  1. love how your lashes look after the new maybelline mascara, it is so long, curly and neat! but yeah, volumnization wise, it is not that appealing but this will do for me ^_^

    1. Yeap each to their own but simply cannot deny how neat the lashes look after the application of the Maybelline Mascara. It's good if you are looking for a non clumpy on though ;)

  2. I have bought the same waterproof mascara of Maybelline and I absolutely love it. I declare it as one of the best ones I've ever tried. What's also nice is that it dries up quickly so I don't have to wait for the wind to blow against my face for some seconds. :)

    1. I agree. Some mascaras that do not dry well always tend to give little black flakes around the eyes which is considerably not appealing. Glad that Maybelline kept up to it's standard - quite a fab mascara to carry around when you need a quick fix ;)

  3. I also prefer Covo. You have naturally beautiful lashes but Cove highlights them even better than Maybelline. Awesome volume effect!

    1. Thanks dear :) Covo definitely brings in more volume and length to any lash so if you are looking for a more curled effect, this would be the one. Wish they would work on not making it too clumpy though but other than that, it's a great mascara to have :)

  4. I'm a huge fan of Maybelline and my last HG mascara was from them (i found a new fave from Majolica Majorca >.<) but i found out that only a few of their mascara variants fit the bill for me, i'm always tempted to try their newest mascaras but i dislike most of them T.T. I haven't heard about this one yet but i think i will end up trying it out as well *sigh* despite the fact that i hate double layer mascaras haha. Anyway, i think i focused on the wrong thing but i am much more tempted by that Covo mascara you mentioned...

    1. Mascaras are often a tricky thing; what with the considerations of it being too sticky, too clumpy, volume, spares, fiber connects, brush bristles and all that but if your lashes are like mine it's best to consider a curled fibered one like Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara.

      It lengthens the lash very gently and in time; will volumnize your lashes. The Covo one is great in terms of lengthening but if you do overlayer it more than twice it does tend to be a little clumpy. Application needs to be very gentle with that one :)


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