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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and CC Eye Cream Review

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and CC Eye Cream

Now we all know about Bourjois top products, the iconic Little Round Pot Blush, Healthy Mix Foundation and Rouge Edition Lipstick but what is to be said about their 123 Perfect CC Cream range?

Personally I don't really use CC Creams as often as my standard utilization of my foundations usually does the trick but after giving this a go, let's just say I am not looking back. So for your reading pleasure let me present Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and CC Eye Cream.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream
In shade 33; Rose Beige

First up we are going to be talking about Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. This little tube of gold in shade 33 Rose Beige is one of the latest additions to the Bourjois beauty range and has been in the market for a few months now. If I am not mistaken there are four hues to this; which is 31 Ivory, 32 Light Beige, 33 Rose Beige and 34 Bronze.

With a rather lightweight texture, Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream gives it's user 100% corrected complexion and 24 hours of hydration along with SPF15, this product is great for decreasing redness on the face along with giving your uneven skin tone a beautiful flawless finish throughout the day.

Retail: RM51.90

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream
In shade 22; Light Beige

The 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream on the other hand comes in a twisty pen shaped packaging and in the shade 22 Light Beige which is currently in hand, gives a rather thick consistency. It doesn't blend as easily as the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream but the coverage is fantastic.

There are three shades to this; 21 Ivory, 22 Light Beige and 23 Golden Beige and I have to say that this shade is spot on. The finishing is quite smooth and after wearing it out during the day, I have to say that the product did not cake or embed into the under-eye area at all. However, it is best to be mindful to not put too much of the 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream at your under-eye area, for layering too much might give you a rather unnatural look.

Retail : RM 35.90


As you can probably see from the swatches, there is a tinge of difference in terms of texture where the CC Cream blends in extremely well as compared to the CC Eye Cream. However, I think that Bourjois was going for more coverage to conceal those dark panda bear like circles we often have under our eyes as compared to the CC Cream which they preferred to keep the texture lightweight.

Either way both are great products though among the two I would personally favor the CC Eye Cream. With regards to application and a more hands on feel, there is also a video above that you take a look at as well. Do subscribe and give a thumbs up if it helps and feel free to leave a comment as well.

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  1. I am now getting in love with Bourjois. And I always read whatever review on any Bourjois items. Such a great review. I am looking forward to get my hands on the CC cream in future. :)

  2. i'm using the CC cream at the moment, but it is the most epic love-hate relationship I ever had with my makeup product. i love how beautiful the cc cream made my skin look, but it is too greasy after 2-3 hours :( tapi cantik, tak boleh blah betul.

  3. Oh! I didn't know there's a different cream foundation used for different types of needs. I thought all foundation are the same. Thanks for this!

  4. Haven't heard the product- but I'd like to try the cc cream eye- I have uneven tone- so this might help!

  5. I've been using BB cream for years now, and then a friend told me to try CC cream. I think I'm convinced! I wonder, though, if we get that brand here in the Philippines.

  6. These brand are so new to me. I think I would love to try those on me.

  7. honestly, i did not knew about bourjois and haven't seen one. But looks nice especially the fact that i love cc cream too.

  8. honestly, i haven't heard about that brand before but i always have interest with cc cream.

  9. I started my men's grooming section inside my blog and I will try to look for this product for guys and have it reviewed!

  10. I so want to try CC cream but I'm waiting until my recent tube of BB cream runs out. I hope I can get this brand here.

  11. I've never tried CC cream. Oh well, I guess i'll be trying one of those.


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