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The Launch of Kracie's Ichikami Range

Kracie's Ichikami Range

Usually when latest Japanese hair-care products come into the Malaysian Market, it's sort of hard for consumers like us not to look up and take notice. Plus when it's the newly named brand "Kracie" which was once known as Kanebo back in 2007, we are definitely one for the lookout.

With the warm welcome from The Butterfly Project and the tagline "Hair Smoother Than Silk" we give you the Ichikami range which offers repairs and prevention for softer and healthier hair. Of course with the use of Pure Japanese Botanical Essences along with their key ingredient of rice extract, it will give your hair all the profitable benefits that it needs as well.

The Ichikami Array: The Moist Care Range *Pink) and The Smooth Care Range (Orange)
Upon Application

Having two hair care lines in Kracie's Ichikami range, each concentrates on their specific properties; where one focuses on hydration whilst the other tackles frizzy, permed or stiff textures.

Moist Care Range (Pink):

1. Hydrate Hair and Scalp
2. Moisturize
3. Tackles brittle, dry and split ends

Smooth Care Rage (Orange):

1. Repair Damaged Hair
2. Improve Smoothness
3. For tangled, frizzy and colored hair

Hadabisei Facial Mask
The All in 1 Sheet Masks

Of course seeing that the Ichikami range along with it's other products from Kracie has received well rounded support from it's consumers, there was also a feature during the event of Kracie's Hadabisei products which is popular in Japan for it's hydrating sheet masks that greatly assists to sensitive and troubled skin.

Also with the benefits of the three in one routine of toner, serum, moisturizer in just one facial mask, it's All in 1 sheet masks boosts the moisturizing levels on the skin while giving it a radiant glow as well. However if you were more concerned on the eye area, there is also an Eye Zone Mask that aims to reduce any wrinkles and brightens the eyes for a more youthful look.

For softer and smoother hair

Already made available in the Malaysian market, the Ichikami and Hadabisei range can be found in all AEON Wellness Stores, Watsons and Guardian. However for further information, do not hesitate to click on Kracie's Official Website Link for a more detailed view on the products.


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  1. Wow! It sure look very sweet and definitely have the "kawaii" touch to the packaging! =D Thanks for sharing this with us as I didn't know that Kanebo has changed their name till I read this post =)


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