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Top 5 Favorites Picks from Sophie Paris

All about Sophie Paris

Alright you guys, today  we are going to be taking a look at something a little different. It is with makeup of course but this is not going to be our usual run of the mill mainstream highlights but rather something special which we found to be a little gem tucked away in the corner of the beauty industry.

Our Top 5 Picks

For those of you who haven't heard of Sophie Paris, it is a French brand that was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia. Building from the ground up by Bruno Hassan, this brand holds a very strong pioneer position in the fashion MLM Company in Indonesia which not only does cosmetics but rather a vast overview of products from handbags, watches, accessories, clothing and more.

So today we are going to be taking a look at the Top 5 products that  made our list and surprisingly enough, we have a fair cut from all - from a firm matte foundation, a great luminizer, blush, lip to shadow stick. So without further ado, let's get down to the review.

Top 5 Favorites from Sophie Paris

Matte Foundation

Now we all know that the base is the one that sets the entire look of the day and this matte liquid foundation is absolutely sublime. It was a little worrisome that this might be a little too drying for the skin but surprisingly after having it on for a good 4-5 hours, the coverage was still going strong.

The Coverage

However if you are concerned about this or have severely dry skin like yours truly, what we would suggest is to apply a coat of hydrating primer and massage it into the skin before layering the foundation on. This will not only keep the coverage on longer but will keep the mattifying factor from drying out. It also retails at RM45 for 20ml; so that is a decent amount of product that you will be getting at an affordable price.

Pros: Long wear, minimal touch up and high coverage.

Cons: Bottle dispenser ( A little difficult to estimate the right amount of product to dispense for application)

On highlights

Now we all know how cray we can get about luminizers and highlights right? It seems that 2015 was the year for that but no matter, for a little sheen on our cheekbones does indeed bring us much joy, regardless of any day and age.

On Application

Retailing at RM50, this one has a slightly higher price tag than the foundation, but with its pearl reflects and gentle combination of its peachy-gold sheen, it definitely tugs on the heartstrings. The packaging of it is similar to the foundation as well but with it blendable coverage, the product does indeed come out effortlessly.

Pros: Beautiful pearl effect and flawless application

Cons: Bottle dispenser ( A little difficult to estimate the right amount of product to dispense for application)


This blush on the other hand, looks very similar to the ones at COVO but in terms of pigmentation, this one is much stronger. A light hand is all you need to stroke this onto the skin and as there is tiny specks of glitter within it as well, it also gives the face a very soft glow during the day time. We are not exactly sure on its retail though, but once we do have knowledge about it, we will update here as soon as possible.

Pros: Light handed application and blends effortlessly.

Cons: None

Shadow Sticks
On the eyes

As for the shadow stick and the couture lipstick, we find that these two are amazing in each and every way. Now we all know how these simple makeup pencils have quickly made its way into the industry (like Nudestix) and besides it being very easy to carry around with you, they are also extremely handy during touch ups.

The Intense Shadow Stick is exactly that and let's just say that the blending effort on this one is tremendously effortless. Plus no matter how many times you layer it on, a smooth smokey-like effect comes out very softly on the lids without any creases.

Pros: Blends like a dream and layers on very smoothly.

Cons: None

Couture Lipstick

Now in terms of texture, the couture lipstick is gorgeous. It's very luscious and as you can see the vibrancy of it is stunning.  The consistency on the other hand is smooth like butter and as for its shade, it is equally as stunning. However as the retail for these two are still pending, you guys can always head on to their Official Website and Facebook Page for more details.

Pros: Rich in color and consistancy plus it glides on very smoothly

Cons: None



  1. the shadow stick looks good, and the shade is just perfect on you, babe :) gotta check out this brand

  2. These products are rather impressive! Never heard of Sophie Paris before, but now i know to keep a look out for their products.

  3. wow..your lip color look really nice. impressed !!

  4. Lovely review.. Nice product and thanks for the top 5 picks!

  5. Like the packaging... it is so simple and to the point....

  6. I love the Matte foundation! It provide good coverage. =)

  7. Not sure why but from the first pic to the last pic...the blusher caught my eyes! Maybe coz I am shopping for a new blusher too. Hehehe.

  8. You look great my dear! The lipstick suits you...look sexier with the colour. :)

  9. looking great Shiv! Love to try out the new makeup too :)

  10. I have never head of this brand before but the products sure look very good. I love using eyeshadow sticks too. So convenient!

  11. I love the Shadow Sticks. So easy to use and convenient too.

  12. The shadow stick looks good. Convenient and easy to apply.

  13. Thanks for unveiling all these gems. I certainly wouldn't have known about them if not for your post!

  14. looking good babe! Love your makeup look especially the lipstick! :D

  15. Wah lau the red lippie is the killer, its so intense and pigmented.

  16. Would like to try the Couture Lipstick, love the bright red so much :)

  17. never know sophie-paris having their own brand for cosmetic.
    as i know only shoe and bags

  18. Nice review Shivani! Good colours too.


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