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An Elegant Classic | Rotary Lucerne

The New Generation Lucerne Timepiece

It is no secret that I have always harbored a genuine love for timepieces, and thus having worn a few in the past, I have recently realized that it was the intricate detailing which comes along with it that has regularly singled out my attention.

Of course a perception where elegance and vibrancy remains the focal point of any style statement, I have learnt to appreciate many designs that have come my way; hence when it comes to Swiss Made watches, it remains a profound favorite in the heart of my collectives.

The Rotary Lucerne

A Detailed Look

So having a touch of versatility to many outfit choices, you could say that Rotary's craft of its latest Lucerne timepiece is a leading quality in many areas. Established as a trusted brand for over 121 years in over 60 countries, it is also a class that is well represented for its unique designs and functionality.

The Rotary Lucerne in Rose Gold
The T bar linked bracelet

For example, one central count on this design that holds favor to me personally is its scratch resistant sapphire glass. This is viewed rather beautifully on its reflective casing upon night lights, and with its T bar bracelet linked with decorative screws, it  frequently portrays a dainty bracelet upon wearability too.

Night time wearibility
On Overall

Having worn it out on multiple occasions, it is certainly a delightful accessory to  have on the wrist at any given occasion, plus being dual toned with a rose gold plated case as well, the timepiece is also featured as a classic element pairing to any other component too.

So for more details on the collection and the Lucerne range from Rotary, you can check out their Official Website for further information, but in the meantime, if you would prefer to see the range first hand, you can head on over to its distributor at any City Chain outlets as well.



  1. I like the classic and elegant design, its stunning.

  2. Looks very classy. Hope it is water resistant too!

  3. What a beautiful design it has. Elegant, yet feminine. Not too large, too. i hope I could afford it one day.

  4. I love the designs because it looks so classy and I think it will look good with whatever you wear.

    - xx, Mariel

  5. what a beautiful watch.. i wonder how much is it.... would love to own one if it is affordable to me... heheh

  6. Wow, this watch super classic and elegant as well, seriously it makes me want to have one too!

  7. I love the size of the watch. It's not too big and not too small that it complemented the whole outfit. Also, your pictures are reallly nice!

  8. Such a nice watch, hmm... guess it's time to replace my old one hehe :)

  9. So cantik! Really suits you well. Im gonna check them out! :D

  10. Oh dear your timepiece is truly beautiful! I like its simple design and classiness :)

  11. I love the design. feminine and elegant watch. The price must be expensive. Hope one day i can owe this elegant watch.

  12. The watches look exquisite and very classy. I won't mind trying this brand..

  13. I love the details of the watch! I always wanted to own this kind of watch looks so classy and elegant =D

  14. Oh the first picture you already got my full attention and my eyes was as wide as puss in the boots'.... loving it!

  15. Thats a really nice piece! I love how it looks effortlessly elegant too


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