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The Appreciation of NANO Red & Resvera


It has certainly been awhile since my husband and I have had a good night out accompanied by a great vintage, and if you follow us on our Instagram page, you would know that the reason being is that we are expecting our little bundle of joy in a couple of months.

The NANO Red & Resvera

All Natural Red Wine

Relishing in our favorite meal accompaniment is something that is definitely missed, but having to put that on a hold for the time being, we decided to give a go on the NANO Red & Resvera which we have been noticing online for awhile now.

Safe for mothers to be

Being perfectly safe for expecting mothers, this red wine is non-alcoholic (yes you heard that right) and somehow tastes exactly like a Pinot Noir red wine. It has a light and fruity black grape touch which we fully appreciate and taking it chilled with meals is lovely as well.

The Before and After Results

The before and after result after 2.5 weeks

Considering that regular wine has an average between 13-15 percent alcohol, which can cause liver damage and probably a headache after excessive drinking, the NANO Red & Resvera gives the opposite effect, as it is not only is it 100% alcohol free but is certified Halal as well.

How the vintage looks like
The consistency of the drink

However, speaking to all expectant mothers out there, a few of the benefits of taking this wine is that it improves blood circulation, skin radiance and the immune system

This is a good thing and even when I was a little skeptical of these factors at first due to coping with a little exhaustion and hormonal change in the last trimester, I did learn much from its potential after religiously taking it for the past few weeks.

Sharing the benefits
Having a sip

Expecting it to reach only to a
 certain capacity, I was quite surprised that having one 40-50ml glass and spreading it over 3 glasses a week improved my tiredness greatly along with all the other factors above (skin radiance especially), as can be seen evidently from the picture.

Do note that the dark circles around the eyes were reduced too and light makeup also blended way more easily to the skin without showing signs of creasing (fine lines).

The Benefits of the NANO Red & Resvera:

  • Reduces Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure
  • Safe for Pregnant Mothers
  • Prevents heart diseases and strokes
  • Accelerates fats burning
  • Recovers poor eyesight
  • Anti-Aging
  • Has Powerful Antioxidants

The overall turn in results

However in terms of the skin where I would often experience breakouts, dullness and redness, I found that these circumstances additionally decreased over time, and now it is certainly a breath of fresh air to experience heading out with confidence with minimal makeup on.

So for more information, the NANO Red & Resvera, the product is available at 11street and q0010, hence if you are looking to check on it a little bit more, you can head on over there for further details.


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