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Good Coffee Day | A Christmas Celebration at Pantai Sentral Park

Good Coffee Day 2.0

It has been awhile since I have been out on the weekend to experience a good coffee binge and with Pantai Sentral Park holding their IJM Land's Good Coffee Day 2.0, it was one that was enjoyed immensely by myself as well as many friends and families.

IJM Land's Good Coffee Day 2.0 | ICE Gallery

At ICE Gallery
The atmosphere

Following the upcoming holiday festivities, the venue at ICE Gallery was extremely vibrant and as we walked in, the vibe of Christmas was apparent, even with its decor that was done up in Yuletide joy, in the form of a stunning Candy House.

The Fundamentals of Coffee Workshop

At the workshop
Brewing the coffee

As the highlight of the day was all about good coffee, we took a look at the Fundamentals of Coffee workshop conducted by Daniel Liew who is the founder and Academic Director of the Barista Guild Asia.

The type of coffee beans
How its cultivated and brewed

Being one of the globally certifies trainers with the prestigious Authorized Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in Malaysia, the session was all about the growth, cultivation and brew of coffee from the ground up, together with the share of the basics for coffee connoisseurs.

The variants at Coffee2GO

We also had a taste of freshly brewed coffee during the event as well courtesy of Coffex Coffee, but for those who would prefer the classic cold brew, coffee2GO also had their options in terms of their signature, green tea and more like the above.

Activities experienced at Pantai Sentral Park

The guide for pottery at Kaleidos Art Tune

Of course the day became more fun with a couple of hands on experience - one in particular by Kaleidos Art Tune. After all, being able to do pottery and art while trying to create the perfect form for mugs out of clay was fascinating, but this was even more so when you are doing it with guidance.

Making the pottery
The end result

It is certainly something that requires quite a bit of skill and patience, as the concentration that was put into it was quite the effort, however the results were stunning, and as the art-form made can differ depending on how the crafting was done, each creation would certainly be quite unique.

Coffee Organic Body Scrub
All Natural Soaps

Fawn Beauty Co. on the other hand had an all-natural range of soaps and scrubs but the one that grabbed my attention the most was the handcrafted cacao and coffee organic body scrub which was heavenly scented. If you adore coffee like yours truly, then this one was one not to miss, as not only was it rich in antioxidants but it also nourishes and exfoliates the skin really well too.

Harold's Academy Gingerbread House
Chocolate Lave Tart by the Academy

Now in terms of sweet treats, the Christmas themed pastries by Harold's Academy were divine. I would definitely recommend this place to those of you who love baked goods to check this one out as its carefully made pieces were delectable, delicate and absolutely delicious.

Eva's Homemade Nougat
The Christmas Packs

As for our complete tea break, we also experience the Homemade nougat by Eva's Homemade Nougat that came in various flavors (including coffee) as well. The texture of this was soft and had a rich taste in every bite. Its Christmas pack also came with an affordable price tag too.

At Grid & Co

Another station that we gave a go at was the Japanese waffle by Grid & Go and for those who are curious on their location, they do have an outlet at 1 Utama Shopping Centre near GSC. The texture of their waffles are extremely fluffy, with a crispy bite on the outside.

The waffles
Closeup on the texture

They have many varieties to select from at RM6.50 a piece such as the Ori-Milk, Signature Chocolate, Berrylicious, Raision Blast and more but the one that many enjoyed was their signature which was their Mochi Caramel.

Sketcher Fruit Ice Cream
Customizing our own cupcakes

A final tasting came to the last two which was the fruity ice cream potong by Sketcher Fruit Ice Cream together with Coffee Jeans & Co amazing cakes and pastries, and for the taste of both, I have to say that they were all done beautifully.

The chocolate cake served
The Raspberry Pistachio Cake

We did have a more hands on experience with Coffee Jeans & Co though as we did get a little more creative with the piping of the icing on our individual cupcakes, but the ice cream that we tried with Sketcher (Mango) was just as good, as the flavor really did pick up and deliver; thus was well received by many too.

Taking a peek inside Secoya Residences
People |Planet | Priority

So with the ongoing activities in full swing, we took a chance to step inside Secoya Residences to have a look at its stunning showrooms. There were two units that we had a look at; one Type C (1,670 sqft) and the other Type A (1,050 sqft).

Secoya Residences Type C (1,670 sqft)

The Layout
The living hall concept

Now I have been quite a curious bee when it comes to the concept of a new home recently and with Pantai Sentral Park's 58 acre integrated city development having 7 residential phases and 6 commercial ones to be completed within the next 10 to 15 years, this one certainly looked promising.

On the space

The concept for Type C was decked in cosy decor and comfortable furniture and while its rooms floods in a lot of natural light during the day, I would imagine that its view at night would be equally just as spectacular. Each room also had a decent amount of space and with high modern ceilings and great interior, this one was definitely ideal for those who are looking for a place to start a family.

The Second Bedroom

In terms of its facilities, the Secoya residences is a 41 storey residential block that has been done up with themes such as the Rainforest Garden, Lifestyle Pavilions, Infinity Edge Swimming Pool, Games Room, Basketball Court, Sundeck and Saunas. The design for each individual space also differs and as an example, let's have a look at the interior of the Secoya Residences Type A.

Secoya Residences Type A (1,050 sqft)

The Vibe at Type A
A closer look at the decor

Now although Type A is more fitted to modern living, its space is relatively quite contemporary that welcomes a lot of natural sunlight. The concept is also very clean and minimalistic, providing its concept to a more widened space.

The layout for the bedroom
The set up

Together with Type C, the units are set to complete in 2019, with ample amount of natural ventilation and an amazing view of the city.

The Guest Bedroom
The bathroom layout

Not only that, but it also has great access to the City Center, Bangsar and Sunway with its direct connectivity to the NPE highway as well. Ideal for individuals, newlywed couples and families, it has an urban forest setting that connects well with nature too.

Getting the caricature done
The result

Overall, the experience at Pantai Sentral Park was a fun filled one and as a momento, we received a lovely art piece of Coffee Caricature by the talented Vivian Lees who drew our portrait in only coffee and water. As can be seen, her brush work is exquisite and she can draw pretty much anything that she sets her mind to as well.

The overall experience

In the meantime, for more details about IJM Land and Pantai Sentral Park you can visit their Official Websites at IJM and Pantai Sentral Park or if you would like, you can also follow up with their updates on Facebook as well at IJM Facebook and Pantai Sentral Park Official Facebook Page.


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  1. I am googling now for the secoya residents as I am looking for a new place...and I honestly wish I could have been there, because it is a dream of mine to try out pottery..


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