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New Year's Makeup Look | The Face Shop

To new beginnings and a brand new year

Everyone is pretty much geared up for 2017 and even though it is somewhat bittersweet to leave 2016 behind with all that is going on, rest assured that all of us are going to be doing it with a spectacular celebratory bang.

So with regards, today we are going to be creating a subtle yet glittery eye makeup look with The Face Shop. The vibe here is going to be a theme of coral glossy lips, a pop of light glitter on the lids and lots of mascara.

Creating our New Year's Makeup Look

The Four Products used

Only four items will be needed to create this entire makeup entry and if you are wondering about the blusher and how heavy we will be going on with it, we are going to be utilizing a beautiful matte peach tone from the same Mono Pop Eyeshadow Palette that will be used on the eyes from The Face Shop as well.

Foundation | Long Lasting Cushion Coverage

The Cushion Foundation

So our first step would be to do on our foundation, and here I am using the Long Lasting Cushion Coverage whilst gently patting it on the skin. Now the one that I have with me is in the shade V203 and even though its the darkest shade in the collection, its still two tones lighter than my skin tone.

On Application

Hence if you have a similar hue, try mixing the texture with shade adjusting drops, but since we want to keep our foundation light in order to show some of our natural skin peeking through, take the cushion (you can now opt for a duo or singular blend to match your natural skin tone) and work it in circular motions, blending it upwards towards the face.

Don't get too harsh with the blending though and try spreading it out as evenly as you can, as layering it on too much might cause a little dryness and patchiness on your end.

Eyes & Blush | Mono Pop Eyes Palette

Using the palette | Step by Step

Next up, its time to take your Mono Pop Eyes Palette and concentrate on your lids. There is a good mixture of matte and shimmer found within the eight shades, and the four colors that we are going to be working with that have a good balance with complimenting each other too.

Utilizing Breena Beauty Brushes

A point that I feel that needs to be considered here first is the type of makeup brushes that are being used in the application. Soft yet dense applicators shows more color pickup, thus here I am using a collection of Breena Beauty Makeup Brushes to transfer each shade effectively onto the lid without much of a hassle.

Working in the transition shade first with a matte tone
The pigmentation of the shade

So first is the dark brown matte at the end for transition, both the matte and glittery coral tones for the center and finally the light shimmer gold in the inner corners of the lids to open and brighten the eyes.

The All Proof Automatic Eyeliner
Elongating the shape of the eye

However, to make our eyes look like they have more depth, a trick here would be to use a gel liner and line the inner corner of the upper lids. Here I am going to be using the All Proof Automatic Eyeliner, and since I am not going to be using a liquid liner to do a precise flick wing, a simple inner coating of the eye leading outward would do to create more intensity.

Using the Sigma F10 for the cheeks
After Application

As for the blush, this beautiful peach shade is great  to sculpt the cheeks into a healthy glow. Take a dense makeup brush (what would be best recommended here is the Sigma F10) and gently tone the apples of your cheeks in an upward motion. You will see the pigmentation and shade show extremely well, plus in natural light, it is extremely complimentary to your natural skin tone as well.

Lashes & Lips | All Proof Mascara & Ink Gel Stick

The All Proof Mascara

The last two items on the list is the mascara and the lips. First we dabble on to the mascara and here I am using the All Proof Mascara which is part of the All Proof Eye Kit. The intensity on this is impressive but you might want to work it quickly if you are applying on more than one layer as the formulation dries down pretty quickly.

The Results 

Work the angle of the applicator from the end of your lashes to the inner corner
, flicking it in a gentle zig zag manner as you do so. Comb through individual lashes as evenly as you can and you will end up with amazing voluminous results.

The Lip Wear

Finally we take a look at the lips. To create a signature glossy pout, take the Ink Gel Stick in CR02 and apply them on the center of the lips, while lightly spreading them outwards with your index finger.

Smooth Application

This application will help you structure a gradient, where the focus would be in the middle and a more subtle contour would appear on the edge. If you have dry lips, this method would also help the side corners of the lips not to dry out, thus having less of a hassle for chapped bits to form for a longer wear application.

The Completed Look

So far, all of these products are pretty stellar but if we had to pick two basic favorites out of the lot, the All-Proof Automatic Eyeliner and the All Proof Mascara would be great recommendations. In the meantime, for more details on The Face Shop, you can follow the brand on their Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram for more updates.



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