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The Laureate Signature | The Experience of an LPG Treatment

The before look | The Laureate Signature

The Laureate Signature is one of those little gems that are hidden across the masses, and with its rule of thumb of bringing exclusivity and comfort to your needs, it is certainly an experience that you would not forget in a hurry.

The Laureate Signature

The Entrance

Located in an housing area further down on the opposite road of Assunta Hospital, stepping into the venue reminded us of a modern day Clubhouse, one with chic interior with classically designed decor (There is also ample parking within, so no worries). Since Christmas was also drawing to a close, we too had the pleasure of seeing beautiful Yule ornaments adorned on the inside as well.

One of the waiting areas
The Event Space

Having a rather homey concept where there is also a delightful and vast space to host activities, we were made extremely comfortable at the waiting area as we filled in our details for record and received consultation on the treatment at hand.

Seasoned with Christmas decor
A glimpse of its interior

We should mention that appointments are a must here as The Laureate Signature serves up to 4 customers every hour and with it being opened from 8am -7pm at full capacity, you would certainly need to slot in your time preference ahead of schedule. You can contact them at 0102396323 for a session.

The LPG Treatment

The LPG Machine

As for the experience on the LPG Treatment and what it entails, (especially for those of you who are unsure of its deliverance), it is, basically in layman's term a proven scientific way of decreasing aging by reactivating your skin cells through giving them a little excersize.

The LPG Ergolift

This is a non invasive regimen, and is a natural and pleasant technique that gently stimulates the skin to create an intense physiological awakening where the skin is re-plumped and facial contours are redesigned. This of course has to be thorough through at least 6 sessions; where frequent visits as prompt as twice a week would be able to signify the results.

Without and With LPG

A simple explanation of this would be through steps which we will go through below, but if you are wearing makeup to the session, try to keep it simple as a cleansing milk will be applied beforehand to remove it. Next up would be a toner and hence once everything has been cleansed, your regiment would begin from there.

Prepped | Products used during the LPG Treatment

Experiencing LPG:

1. A cleansing milk is used to relieve residue and makeup that is on the face. It is then removed and patted down with a gentle toner and is left to dry.

2. Once done, an advanced Ergolift treatment by LPG is used to increase stimulation by +270% for the face. Its integrated micro-motor gives a cellular regeneration lift treatment to facial contours and is interchangeable between four tools to target the specific areas around the face. There is no pain, just a slight tickling sensation during the session between its motorized flaps.

3. After all the targeted areas have been completed, you would notice a slight difference in the elasticity of the skin. Since this was just a first session, visibility wasn't very apparent as of yet but what was impressive was the drainage of water retention at the jaw line. It appeared more lifted and overall the results gave the skin a more radiant appeal.

4. A mask is then applied for 15 minutes and when completed the access benefits are patted down onto the face as well.

5. The last two steps is the application of a cell revive essence (mist) and a sunblock. Overall, the whole session for this takes about 45 minutes to an hour. 

A Notable Product Mention:

The Cell Revive Essence

Across the board, it was a rather pleasant experience and a notable product that we did pick up from The Laureate Signature that is worth a mention is the little bottle above, which is the Cell Revive Essence. It is an all natural cooling mist that works rather well in our hot weather climate and fights skin aging at the same time.

On the product and its benefits

There are benefits to its constant usage which will be listed below  (1 bottle for a month sprayed 2-3 times daily) and can be used over makeup and under it suited to your preference.

Benefits of the Cell Revive Essence:

1. Trim Down Wrinkles
2. Lighten Blemishes and Acne Marks
3. Remove Dark Circles & Puffiness
4. Skin Hydration and Translucent Fairness
5. Regenerates Collagen
6. Bio Moisturizer

After Usage | Glowing skin and a more plumped up appearance

As you can probably already see from the visual above, the skin certainly looks more radiant after an hour's session with LPG.

However for those of you who are wondering if they do Body Sculpting as well, they certainly do with a similar technique but one that focuses more on detoxification, cellulite reduction and reshaping capacity. All of this is natural and is also safe for new mothers who would like to get back into form.

Packages Offered

In the meantime, if you would like to get a package for these two regiments, the LPG treatment has one with 10 sessions + 1 free at RM2688. As for Body Contouring, there are 10 sessions as well with a complimentary  LPG session for the face to go along with it at RM2888. A RM300 cash voucher will also be given for both packages for product redemption.

The Location of The Laureate Signature (A house further down opposite the road of Assunta Hospital):

Waze | Google Maps: 
  • 101, Jalan Templer Seksyen 7, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

GPS Coordinates:
  • 3.0952° N, 101.6427° E

So if you would like to know more about the treatment, you can certainly check out their Website and Facebook Page for reference, but if you would like to pay them a visit, you can give them a call to book in a slot with their staff at  0102396323 too.



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