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C. Michael London | Stem Cell Professional

At the salon

If you have noticed on social media, my hair color has changed, from a dark shade of ebony black to a warm highlight of a golden red. Now, you need to know that there wasn't any particular reason for this hair transformation, but because it was from a brand that I have known for years (the brand has been around for more than 40 years) and loved immensely before, I personally wanted to get in touch with their range once again and hence the coloring commenced.

The Vintage Vibe

C. Michael London is a name that I am certain that plenty of you may have heard before. They are one of the very few selected hair salons that have their own in-house product collection (both colouring and home care), their range is incredibly vast and even extends from both premium and affordable ends, while having a personal selection of their products available at certain Watsons boutiques to cater to customers demands.

On Stem Cell

Now from what I have come to know about this brand, is that number one, they are very personal. Their products are carefully formulated to cater to each need of every individual, and their treatments are extremely focused to boost special benefits in order to assist troubled strands. Their home care products work in a similar fashion but are more centered to the post care in order to maintain the hair and its results, whether it be colored, treated or styled.

The copper strands

However the one thing that I found to be extremely unique about C. Michael London is that they are the only ones in the hair-care industry that study and pull their focus to Stem Cell. For those of you who are not completely familiar with this process, stem cells allow regrowth, rejuvenation, regeneration and restructuring of cells. Applying this process to the hair has the same representation, and thus by using this formula, both the hair and scalp becomes more healthier, refreshed, and manageable.

What You Need To Know About C. Michael London

  • Does not do Animal Testing
  • Their speciality is on Stem Cell
  • All their treatments and services focuses on both the strands and scalp
  • All of the brand's colouring service products are low in Ammonia

As for the service that I did which was colour, you would be more than please to know that all their in-house shades are all low in Ammonium. The entire process that was done also took no longer than 2.5 hours and considering that my highlights were only lightly pre-lightened, we are now on week 3 and my hair tones shows no sign of fading or bleeding just yet.

On Post Care

On their latest range

Now in terms of their products as mentioned before, C. Michael London has their affordable range and their premium line.  The collection that is available at Watsons is their Scalp Repair Hair Rebirth with Apple Stem Cells. This is the first restorative treatment that uses this Apple Stem Cell technology and are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. This range is aimed to strengthen the hair follicle and promote healthy hair grown while delivering total frizz control with long-lasting shine and softness.

As for their premium collection, here we have their Stem Cell Professional. This range is a little different from the latter for what it does is that it reverses the ageing of the scalp and it increases the lifespan of the hair.

Currently Used

Now as you can see how their salon is designed, C.Michael London has a rather vintage vibe to it, hence following that, they have also repackaged their products, including their best selling Regenerate Scalp Serum. Now I have been using this together with their Restructure Hair Fall Control Shampoo, and let me tell you there is a quite a big difference when it came to the results.

The collection is based on natural extracts

So if you are a new mum like myself that is having issues with hair fall after birth or even someone who struggles with it on a daily basis, here is what I would honestly recommend. The Restructure Hair Fall  Shampoo is a brilliant cleansing product that has a blend of natural extracts that stimulates collagen. It also strengthens the hair follicles and restores back the shine and health factor to it, which to me is a godsend.

On the scalp serum

However when you combine it with the Regenerate Scalp Serum, it becomes this amazing revitalising duo, because not only does this product have the PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica which is the world's first raw material based on fruit stem cells, but it also helps to protect the longevity of skin stem cells, thus repairing damaged cells and regenerating healthy ones.

The current hair condition - well and healthy strands

As you can see from the result, I am really happy with this range. From the color, their treatments, to the products, C Michael London up to this point has not let me down. I am really glad that the brand has kept up well with its consistency in the market and to its costumers and thus if you ever see any of their products in stores; simply look up one that may work well for you and try it out.

In the meantime, if you would like to check out C Michael London salon locations, you can always head to their Bangsar or Avenue K Outlets. Besides that, you can also mention my name 'SHIVANI' to get 30% off on non-promo chemical services at both salons as well.

Current Salon Hairdo Promotions:
Avenue K & Bangsar Salon:

  • Single Color | Shoulder Length
    • RM99 - you can prepay online to enjoy the service under 'Menu > Hair > Hair Service
  • One Time Prelightening + Single Color | Bust Length
    • RM368 - Valid in August 2017

Avenue K only:

  • Hair Cut and Scalp Treatment:
    • Female | RM150
    • Male | RM120

* All prices are subjected to a surcharge of 6% GST

On Overall

As for further details on the brand, you can check them out on their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram Page, but as for their product availability, you can find them at their salons, their webpage, Lazada, selected Watsons Outlets (KLCC, Midvalley, One Utama and Sunway Pyramid) too.



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