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Inspire to sell through Carousell

Shopping online?

Sometimes I think that with technology you can do anything. For young sellers out there, convenience is always key. A few photo snaps and your item is ready to be listed online for purchase.

Founded by two Singaporeans and a Malaysian, Carousell was no stranger to this idea and was instantly inspired to do a start-up on developing an app on the smartphone; launching into effect in August 2012.

To be honest, when I first heard of Carousell I acted  like a little kid in a candy store. I mean who wouldn't? Selling online with no cost incurred and with just one snap and your item was up and running? This was like an easier Ebay seller's list. Totally godsent.

Shopping through Carousell

Over time when I learnt how to use the app, I realized that Carousell also combined a unique interactive social media experience with both buyers and sellers; basically not making it a marketplace but rather a trend barometer filled with fun conversations.

For those who have a tight clasp on their phone at all times like me, I find that Carousell has not only made buying and selling a lot more easier and trendy but it has also made the interaction between sellers and customers a lot more accessible as well.

So for sellers, say goodbye to those flea markets and spending hours in the sweltering heat to barely break-even. The new age of online selling on the go has finally come.

So how does it work? To fully understand it, each listing for Carousell is free and is made as simple as posting a photo on Instagram. Items listed for sale are showcased in photos with an intuitive and fun way to navigate.

Admittedly what I enjoy most though is that if you like a seller's collection, simply click follow and you will be updated with the seller when more items come into the store. A good combination of Facebook, Instagram and Ebay at one go.

Happy Users of Carousell

So what happens if you like something and want to secure a deal?  Simple. Buyers will then enter into a private chat with the seller within the app and the end result is a win-win happy ending where sellers make some money, and buyers snag bargains, saving them money.

Such a simple concept of 'If you like it, you buy it' and the best part is that Carousell has made it so easy.

So if you are looking forward to try out this app, Carousell is available for free download on both iPhone and Android at Plus a little birdy told me that Carousell will be doing an awesome collaboration sometime soon :)

Till then, enjoy the fun!


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