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Our Fun Filled Beauty Workshop with Mary Quant

At Mary Quant's Beauty Workshop

So we are back with another Mary Quant post and this time it is dedicated to it's beauty workshop. If you have read my last post, you would realize that I didn't really expand much on it's line of cosmetics as much as I would like so let me do it justice by expressing my views over here.

The Range of  Beauty Products

Held at Mandom's home office at Damansara Uptown, we were treated to  full line of Mary Quant products. For those of you who are unaware, Mary Quant Cosmetics were only launched in Malaysia last year and is only available in MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid.

The Outline Pencil (Eye & Lip) ; 20 shades, RM59

An interesting fact about Mary Quant is that their rich history actually started off with a miniskirt. Surprisingly enough the cosmetic line began to follow this trend and now beauty products with vibrant colors for the edgier and trendier woman.

Brow Line, 3 shades; RM59

Mixing and matching colors have always been a thing with Mary Quant and I find this to relate very well to girls who enjoy expressing themselves. The rule of thumb here is to be able to be yourself without any restriction so I believe that the freedom of choice is very well represented here.

Left: Moisture Rich Lipstick; 36 shades, RM108
Right: Color Shine For Lips; 8 shades, RM99

With a strong establishment since 1966, Mary Quant's brand concept "Freedom and Individual - Be Free, Be Yourself" is definitely seen in the range of her products. To the signature Black Daisy design on each product to the strong pigmentation of color on each shadow, Mary Quant puts the enjoyment of life together with being happy by expressing yourself in your own skin.

Ms. Nobuko Takaki sharing her makeup tips

Now remember Ms. Nobuko Takaki from my previous post? We had the absolute delight in meeting her again as she demonstrated a more hands on beauty workshop for us. It was her last day in Malaysia before she headed back to Japan but she was simply as energetic as ever when we spoke to her.

Oil Zap; 20g, RM119

For the makeup base, Ms. Takaki told us that Mary Quant had two types. The first was called Oil Zap which is perfect for girls who have an oily skin texture or combination skin. Retailing at RM119 for a 20g tube, it's an oil control makeup base, it provides a dry and matte finish that prevents makeup from coming off by controlling the shine due to excess sebum.

Translucent and smooth

The Oil Zap's fine texture also covers up indelicate pores that tend to show during the application of makeup. It has a translucent color and as you blend it is combines smoothly with the skin.

Moisture Zap; 30g, RM129

The next makeup base is called the Moisture Zap. Retailing at RM129 for a 30g tube, has a high moisturizing effect that help the makeup last longer.

Lightweight and blends well

The Moisture Zap reminded me a little of a lotion type of consistency and upon testing has a light beige color that surprisingly goes well with my skin tone. I thought it might be a little bright seeing the color difference upon applying but amazingly it suited well after blending it out.

Mary Quant Eye Gloss; 8.5g, RM79

Next up was the Eye Gloss, retailing at RM79 for an 8.5g tube. Not exactly my favorite among the bunch but was extremely moisturizing to the under eye area.

Brightening effect and covers dark circles

The Eye Gloss covers dark circles and dullness and does give a brightening effect which makes any eye makeup applied last longer and more pigmented.

Mary Quant's Smoo Make;10g, 8 shades, RM108

Next up Ms. Takaki introduced Mary Quant's Smoo Make which is a powder foundation that controls the light and creates radiant skin and smooth texture. Retailing at RM108 for 10g, this foundation comes in 8 shades; Y-01 Ivory, Y-10 Fresh, R-20 Soft Pink, Y-30 Beige, 0-40 Natural, Y-50 Country Clay, 0-60 Tan and 0-80 Bronze.

Upon Application

I am not much for powdered foundations but I decided to try on the 0-60 Tan shade. It did give me more flawless look but I was a little disappointed that the coverage wasn't as strong as I thought it was going to be. Still I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

The Mary Quant Eye Opener and Blush Baby

Now for eye-shadow and blush favorites. The Mary Quant Eye Opener retails at RM49 per shade with a vast range of 57 colors while the Mary Quant Blush Baby at RM75 with a range over 14 colors.

Ms. Nobuko Tataki applying the N-01 Pinkish White Eyeshadow on Edazz

I have to say that my favorite shade of the lot was the FP-04 Bronze Gold. Very pigmented and velvety; it had a great color pay-off that can be easily applied and blended well with other colors.

After our makeup session

As for Mary Quant's Blush Baby, all you would just need to do is to do a gentle sweep upwards towards you cheekbones and you are done! The colors really stand out so maybe to create a softer effect you can always use a smooth pearl color to do some contouring.

Delicious desserts for lunch

I also tried on their signature product which was their Action Lashings Mascara which retails at RM109 comes in 7 vibrant shades. I have actually done a post up on this so if you haven't read it yet, do click on this link to find out more. Believe me when I say that this mascara really lengthens your lashes. It's a fantastic product that you need to check out.

With Mary Quant's Makeup artist Ms. Nobuko Takaki and Donovan from Manoah
Group Photo!

To find out more about Mary Quant's Beauty Workshop or Mary Quant Cosmetic products, kindly visit or for more information.


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