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The Melbourne Escape - Part 1

Melbourne, Australia

Okay this post has been a long time coming but after a few days of sorting out my things after  returning of my trip, I can safely say that I am back on track with my postings.

I decided write about the Melbourne trip in three parts so bear with me for a while if posting the write-ups take some time. I would need to go back and forth to my notes for recollection and from what I remember the flight to Melbourne was a long and tiring one and unfortunately as it was a full flight, I didn't get the chance to have much sleep.

Nonetheless, it has been quite a while that I have been able to make a good long visit back so thank goodness I have finally had the opportunity to do it without so much of having to rush back and forth like a busy bee as I have done in the past. And this time it was with my other half and sisters so it was definitely more exciting as well.

My Departure and Arrival

I have always felt that Melbourne was my home away from home when I need a getaway or a change of pace away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic KL city life. Filled with culture, exhibitions, musicals and art, I often missed what the city was all about; which was to go about doing what you love and enjoying life to the fullest.

Exhibition Street, Melbourne

So if you are one of those that have yet to explore the city of Melbourne, here are some lovely destinations that you must try and make a visit to. Keep in mind that this is only my first day here so the destinations will go according to where I headed to. Still worth a visit in my opinion I reckon.

Grand Chancellor Hotel

So after placing my travel bags at the Grand Chancellor Hotel (which I will review in a separate post) located at the city central,  my family and I decided made a quick visit to Queen Victoria Market on Elizabeth Street.

Queen Victoria Market

This market is open on Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday and is your grocery shopping heaven when you are looking to buy fresh cuts, leafy veggies and even quirky little souvenirs to take home.

My baby nephew discovered a new-found love!

Brilliant items really, I even made a purchase of two beautiful aboriginal hand-crafted wooden rings for my friends back home. It's surprising how something so simple can make people turn heads. Plus it is said that it is meant to bring you good luck! You just got to love local craftsmanship!

Rainbow rings anyone?

We headed back to the hotel for a quick nap after and got up in the evening to go and meet with my younger sister who is currently residing in the city. She was attending a function on that day so after a quick chat and meetup, we parted ways and headed for dinner at Red Silk.

The environment at Red Silk

Among most restaurants in the CBD, Red Silk is known for their authentic Chinese cuisine, a great variety of menu options, big portions and affordable pricing. It's located at Little Bourke Street on the first floor above an arcade, right next to a 7' Eleven.

Complimentary water will be given so there will be no need to order drinks

One of my favorite dishes there is the Salt and Pepper Crispy Chicken Rib with Fried Egg on Rice (AUD9.80) . They give you a generous portion of six crispy ribs and fried onions along with a fluffy fried egg and a huge helping of rice. If you are not a big eater best to split it between two people. You will also get complimentary water so if you are not looking to spend on drinks, just order the meal and you're done! Not bad for a nice dinner right?

Our meals; each under the price of (AUD 10)

The weather was a little cold after dinner so we decided to warm ourselves with a cup of Spanish hot chocolate at our favorite little place right beside the State Library, San Churros.

My 'Hot and Cold' beverage from San Churros

I opted for a 'Hot and Cold' beverage which was actually the Spanish Hot Chocolate with a spoon of thick vanilla ice cream and 'Churros for 1' which was three long Spanish Doughnuts dipped in either Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. Absolutely fantastic for a cold day.

Churros for 1

After munching our hot chocolaty treats, we took a nice long walk along the cool streets of Melbourne and adjourned back to the hotel for a good night's rest.

I will keep Part 1 short and sweet for you hence I will end my post here, but do look out for Part 2 which will be coming up in a few short posts ;)



  1. The churros & coffee - heavenly combo.!
    Thanks for the tip, nxt time no need to order drinks yeah :)

  2. When it comes to churros and chocolate, I agree that mixing both of them is a heavenly combo <3

    As for red silk - you can save on drinks since they already have water prepared for you and think more about what you want to eat - one of the more affordable places in the city ;)


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