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BCL BrowLash Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner Review

BCL BrowLash Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner

So there have been many eyeliners and mascaras made available in the market but this has to be the first which I have stumbled upon that comes in a 2 in 1 package.

I have to say that the person who invented this BCL BrowLash Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner has done a top notch job because they have not only made it convenient for us girls to carry it around in our makeup bag but will also save us space when it comes to packing it into our bags for travel. However the question reminds; will it live up to our expectations?

The product

Packaging wise, it comes in a two way detachable twin headed applicator as expected; where you would need to twist and receive the product out from both ends. Pretty reliable plus with it's funky design, it looks great sitting on any girl's vanity table.

The two ends

However when looking for a mascara and eyeliner, the first thing everyone goes for is their preferred color. For this product, the mascara comes in a glossy black shade where else the eyeliner comes in a sparkly light brown shade. Interesting, no? Admittedly the brown shade reminded me a little of the shades in a KATE palette which I had bought a couple of months back. Vibrant, glossy and full of sparkle which is great for day usage and a night outing with the girls.

Swatching the product

Swatching the product on, I was a little surprised to find that the coating of the mascara was a little thick. This made me wonder whether if only a one coat application would be needed to do this look. Usually I would need to apply two to three coats to get that great volume for my lashes so let's keep those fingers crossed that this BCL BrowLash Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner would do the trick.

Side View : The Before and After

So after the before and after shots were taken, I took a close look at the pictures to see how different my eyes looked after the application. You could say that the change was huge. I didn't expect a dramatic change but needless to say, I was definitely amazed.

Front View: The Before and After

I am not one who would usually coat my waterline with an eye-pencil so I decided to keep the application to my top lid only. Despite that, my eyes looked much brighter and *dare I say it* much more sparkly than usual. I honestly did not expect the brown to work much with my tan skin tone but you could say I was pleasantly surprise when it did.

Closed Up Shot : One with application; the other without

Looking at this picture, ample volume was definitely achieved along with that hint of sparkle. I was also amazed that this product also gives great moisturizing elements what with Collagen, Hydrolyzed silk,  Hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol (eyelash protecting) and Fucus Vesiculosus Extract as it's ingredients.

BCL BrowLash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner


Excellent Volumizing Effect: 
Formulated with volume-up wax that coats each and every lash from root to tip for voluminous lashes.

24 Hours Curling Powder: 

Contains curl-keep polymer to keep lashes curled all day long.


Resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum.

Superfine brush: 

Able to seperate and apply mascara to each stand of lash evenly.

Jet Black Color: 

Enhanced blackness for a more lustrous look


Shiny Brown Eyeliner: 

Brown eyeliner with glamorous glitters to accentuate your eye for a striking look

Long Lasting Effect: 

Eyeliners clings tightly to the skin and stays on for a long time

Ultrafine brush:

Firm, ultrafine brush that allows you to draw perfect lines easily

Loving it!

To list out the pros and cons here would be a difficult task seeing that there is not much but I will give my fair take on this. The only thing that could be improved on for this product is that the coating for the mascara could be a little lighter for application.

So for those of you who are looking to put several coats to amp up your lashes, this might not be a good idea for you because even at two coats the mascara does clump a little bit due to the 24 hour curling powder. However with it's smudge-proof and waterproof entities, this proves to be a great product that is worth a repurchase.

For more info, kindly visit BCL Malaysia at:

BCL ( Beauty Creative Line)

Made In:

RM69.90 / 30g

Where To Purchase:
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