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The Gong Cha Treat Contest

Gong Cha anyone?

In our Malaysian weather, it is always a challenge to find a decent F&B corner with food and drinks that everybody will enjoy for a special occasion. Not that it is hard to find mind you, it's just more or less of the question of finding something that will suit everybody's needs at one go.

Gong Cha

When I first heard of Gong Cha, I honestly thought it was like another beverage store like Cha Time. Nonetheless it peaked my curiosity and then when I gave it a go, I fell in love with it's taste and variety.

I want more!

I have always loved pearl drinks and bubble tea and for some reason when Daniel and I were discussing the refreshment segments for our to-do list for the wedding, I immediately went 'Gong Cha!' And for that, I got a raised eyebrow and an amused look from him. Oh well.

The variety

All kidding aside though, Gong Cha has got the most delicious and soothing beverages that I have ever tasted so you could say that the reason why I would love Gong Cha to be a part of my special day is because I could honestly think of no better way to share my love for this brand with my loved ones than on my wedding day.

Also, their  Signature Winter Melon Tea and Chocolate Milk Tea has to be mine and Daniel's all time favorites so if you are looking to give Gong Cha a go, I would highly recommend those two. Taste awfully delicious!


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