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The Zalora X Sephora Celebrity Look-Alike Contest

"Why do I love SEPHORA?" It reinstates that all girls are beautiful inside and out. It makes the impossible, possible.

My love for makeup is of no secret so I decided to take up the "Zalora X Sephora Celebrity Look-Alike Contest". My greatest inspiration - though it may come to a surprise to all of you is the beautiful, awe inspiring Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

I do not know why but I have to say that there is nothing that I don't love about this starlet. From her inspiring songs, fashion trends, down-to-earth attitude and quirkiness, she is just one of those that sets herself apart from the rest.

The Makeup Look from the music video E.T

I still remember the first time I saw her music video E.T, I was completely blown away. It's difficult to come up with a unique vision like that and I enthusiastically applaud her for it. Plus the track was amazing.

Hence when I saw her deer-like makeup look for the video, it got me a little curious. I always believed that make-up reinvents us and the more you try out a look, the better you get at it.

In other words you could say that I am always up for a makeup challenge so I was extremely eager to try it out. Sadly I had very minimal makeup supply with me on that particular day and had to make do with what I had.

Was it achieved?

So with my trusty eyebrow brushes, a dark black eyeliner and a Sephora eyeshadow palette, I hastily got down to work. I was pretty happy with the end result but only when I attached the top false lashes, the look really became what it was.

The Eye Makeup Look

Pretty deer-ish don't you think? I was a little hesitant I admit; seeing that I have small eyes so I wasn't sure it was going to pan out but boy the magic of makeup totally worked for me on that day.

Full Look

I only wished I had that fab outfit that Katy wore during the video - but oh well let's make do with what we have shall we? 

But if you are looking to recreate this look you can always get the SEPHORA palette at . The y have tons of fantastic stuff. In addition, you can also peruse through their gigantic collection of clothes. I am sure something will come up close to complete this look. ;) 



  1. fabulously created I'm telling you, love how you sport the look of Katy Perry ^_^ good luck Shivani!

  2. whoaaaaa!! well done!! love how you chose something totally different!!

    1. Awwh thanks dear; Katy Perry is just fab ;)

  3. Replies
    1. If only I had her fantastic features - all well makeup to the rescue! :)

  4. babe you look awesome!!! OMG wow!


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