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Sleek Makeup i-Divine Limited Edition Celestial Palette Review

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Celestial Palette (Limited Edition)

Since it was my birthday month, I decided to give myself a little treat by purchasing the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Celestial Limited Edition Palette from Luxola which I have had my eye on for quite a while now.

The reason I held back on the purchase was because this palette was a little bit on the pricey side, what with it retailing at RM53 but since I could redeem it for 20% off, I thought why not.


I have always enjoyed the eyeshadow hues from this UK-based brand plus when compared to most high end brands like Smashbox or MAC, their products are made pretty affordable to the public.

Unveiling the colors from the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Celestial Palette

However the one thing that I absolutely dislike about their palettes are their packaging. Their eyeshadow palettes are not easily accessible and opening one of them is like breaking a nail. Seriously, its one of the most difficult palettes I have ever had to open. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will improve on it soon.

The intensity of the hues

Now on to the hues. The celestial palette has got to be one of their most luxuriant color collections I have seen and true to it's word the sparkly effect on their eye-shadows does indeed mirror the celestial name. It was love at first sight.

The eyeshadow applicator that is included in the palette

I have read many mixed reviews about the Sleek Eye-shadow Palettes in terms of their pigmentation and color range so I was a little curious to see how this limited edition palette would fare.

Swatching the colors

Swatching the colors on the end of my fingertips is always fun and I have to say these colors were absolutely gorgeous! You don't often see me gushing about eyeshadow palettes this way but these were truly stunning and luxurious shades. Great pickup, no fall outs and extremely pigmented.

If I had to pick, my favorite of the lot had to be 'Lunar', which was a dazzling blue-ish shimmery silver hue which is the second tone from the bottom right of the palette. If put on the inner corner of you eyes, it can really open and brighten up the look you are going for. It is recommended though that if you want the colors to last, it's best to use an eye primer then pack the colors on.

Like or love?

Overall I think if I had the chance to repurchase this, I would. Good value for money, high pigmentation, absolutely easy to blend and not chalky at all. Only issue which I wish Sleek would work on is the packaging. Other than that, it is a fantastic eye-shadow palette that is great for both day and night wear.

So if you are looking to purchase this limited edition Sleek Palette, head on over to Luxola to get it at it's retail price at RM53. I believe there is only 2 left in stock so if you are lucky enough to get them, enjoy them to the fullest.



  1. Gorgeous palettteeeee. Yeap I agree on the packaging being so tough. I already broke two eyeshadows T__T I have the Sleek palette in Original, planning to get more of these. Haha. Why not try the Del Mar? :D

    Bloobs Blurbs II

    1. It truly is but wish that they would work on the packaging a little bit more though :( But the Del Mar palette - ohh babe you're tempting me already! Lol!

    2. Yupp. And its dirty it leaves your fingerprints all over -_-" Ahahaha :D better get it~ its not sold in Luxola thou, have to go looking for personal shoppers :3

  2. Haha, I knew you would love the Sleek palettes! :)
    I want me some Aurora!

    1. Haha the Aurora is a stunning shade and gosh I think I am going to have to collect these Sleek Palettes one by one! Their pigmentation and colors are amazing!

  3. The colours are really gorgeous!

    1. Haha yes it is! The celestial palette for the win! :)

  4. I adore Sleek palettes, though I couldn't agree more about how horrendously difficult they are to open! I've actually broken 2 nails: 1 for each palette that I own! When you see me sans nails, you know what's on my eyes!

    1. haha tell me about it babe - i already broke 1 nail in trying to get them open (T.T) Really wish they would work on their packaging more. Their colors are gorgeous otherwise :P


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