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Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Unveil and Review

The final skincare revolution ladies and gentlemen is finally at your fingertips. I say this because not only did this product take over 20 years of formulation to ensure absolute perfection but it also focuses on current skin concerns along with the support of boosting natural skin functions.

Of course, by now you are wondering what is this ultimate product that I am talking about and thus let me present to you Shiseido's latest; "Ultimune"; the one and only power infusing concentrate that directly focuses on maintaining and boosting the immunity of Langerhans cells.

To achieve the perfect skin

In order for me to not get too technical with my terms, Shiseido has developed the Ultimune Complex (a creation balance of three ingredients - Bulgarian rose water, aqua in pool and glucan) in order to create a  fine support to Langerhans cells (these cells process antigen materials to the immune system) that have been weakened by environmental factors, aging and emotional cells.

Simply put, be it drying, oily, aging, pigmentation or rough skin; this Shiseido Ultimune targets all while maintaining and boosting the balance of your natural skin.
This Power Infusing Concentrate has gone under more than 400 trials to perfect and impeccably, you will notice after a first few applications; your skin becomes instantly smoother and more supple.


The first key to this immediate effectiveness is its rich, condensed texture which pleasantly surprised me as it quickly absorbs into the skin. It also has a smoothing layer of moisture that protects the skin throughout the day that gives it quite a soothing feel to experience.

Introducing Shiseido Ultimune

You'd be surprised but the Shiseido Ultimune is made purely out of ingredients that are powered by plants. You see, to protect the skin from impurities and oxidized sebum, Shiseido turned their attention to the astonishing power that keeps plants thriving; even in proximity to external hazards.

Hence, a unique botanical cocktail was made; which had a power blend of Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, a common anti-oxidant and herbs from both East and West, perilla and wild thyme which are quite known for their strong anti-bacterial properties.

Fragrance wise, it is masterfully designed to conjure two pleasurable sensations; hence having a green floral scent which is both relaxing and energizing to the senses.

I had the pleasure of sampling this products for two full weeks now and the difference is quite amazing. Always conforming to dry skin, flakiness and roughness; I am proud to say that my skin is now very soft and supple. I do believe it is also brighter.

Shiseido Ultimune
Packaging wise
Absorption and swatch

The product has a little bit of a watery substance hence the quick absorption but what I love about it is that it does not leave the face with a sticky sensation. However, don't completely take my word for it; let's see the difference below.

Before & After Application Result

Before Shot

As you can see, before the application there are tiny bumps all over my face. Even though the skin is not prone to pimples or pigmentation; you can see that due to dryness it is uneven; under-nourished and all-together rough. It's not a very pretty sight to see; but it is skin that has been exposed to environmental threats, emotional stress and aging.

After Shot

Now the second picture is after the end of two weeks; or 16 days to be exact. I was actually in shock when I saw the difference in this picture after it was taken; as the end result was amazing. Keep in mind that there was absolutely no color edits whatsoever in this photograph so what you see is Au Natural. My skin was evened out to a much brighter tone and I had more youthful looking skin. I also found that my skin had a smoother surface and the dry areas on my face were gone.

For me; I am at loss for words on how to explain how great this product works for the skin; and I honestly thank Shiseido for the warm introduction to it. Application of course is best used consistently during the mornings and evenings, after cleansing and balancing the skin. However if you are using it with other serums, do apply the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate first, to enhance the benefits of following treatments.

This product is officiating it's global launch tomorrow in all Shiseido stores and counters on the 1st of September and retails for RM255 for 30ml and RM355 for 50ml. The ambassador of the new Shiseido Ultimune is actress Izara Aishah and I reckon there is going to be a high demand for it as it does work very well so if you do have the time; do go and check it out once it has launched.

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Of course if you would like more information on the product you can always click on the links above. After all with 20 years of formulation research, 400 trials of perfect texture and a great fragrance all packed into one bottle to create such an amazing result; who can resist?



  1. Glad you found this beauty product that suits your face condition. Other products have different effects, it must be excellent to your skin condition.

    1. I'm quite glad actually. The Shiseido Ultimune boosts your own skin benefits along with others so the results are basically a win win situation. Truly one of the best products that I have given a try :)

  2. I think Shiseido is a great brand. I use their sunblock for the face, and it's really gentle.

    1. Very true. I am already through my second bottle of their sunblock Perfect UV Protector SPF50 :) They have quite a good array of products.

  3. I always saw this brand whenever my wife buys for her own girly stuff. Its good to know that this work best to most of akin types.

    1. It does - sometimes there are too many skincare products coming up until you are not sure what suits best for your own skin but it is good to know what product does well for both the skin and boosts the benefits of other products used as well.

  4. Ohh seems like a great try. I only visit them for makeup not really the skin care ones but I might give it a try.

    1. Their makeup is pretty good but you should give their skincare a try if you have the time. Maybe head on over to their counters and see what is what. they are pretty reputable plus you don't know what awesome things you might find ;)

  5. That's quite an awesome result you got there! I love Shiseido too although i'm more familiar with their makeup line than the skincare one :)

    1. Their makeup is pretty awesome; I have to agree but their skincare line is just as great. Formulation wise they are pretty careful so in terms of their launches of their product line, it is done with great care and given to prove effective results. Something that you can always give a go if you are curious ;)

  6. Wow, The transformation was just amazing. This products really are for ladies.

    1. Awh thank you for your kind words but the product works for both men and women alike :) As you can see from the results; it does benefit the skin very well so maybe if you are curious; you can always give it a try at their counters :)


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