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Air Asia's Inaugural Flight to Kaohsiung, Taiwan Part 1

Congratulations AirAsia for launching its first inaugural flight to Kaohsiung

Ever since I got back from Kaohsiung Taiwan, I have been racking my brains on how I would break this article down for you guys. After all, a full six days is a long summary to document and not to mention squeeze into one post so I have decided it would be easier to break it down into four parts for a more leisure read.

Now for those of you who are aware of the Air Asia flights headed to Taiwan, you would know that there had been no direct flights to its second largest city, Kaohsiung since its activation on the 16th. The beauty of this place is breathtaking and it is no surprise that since the launch of the flight, the number of bookings to this place has been racking up ever since then.

Ketington Resort, Kaohsiung

Our stay for the night

So let's talk about visitation and locality for a moment. Don't worry I will get to the tourism part in a minute but for now, it is location, location, location.

If you are the type that enjoys the great outdoors and going back to nature; then Ketington Resort is the place for you. Modeled into many sorts of weald huts; this place is reminiscent of a modern ranch resort that boosts polished log-work, acres of stunning florals and home to many woodland creatures.

The Layout

As for your stay, you may think that back to nature might be cited to a simpler time but the rooms were nothing of the sort. Mainly because they were beautiful.

You see, everything here has been taken into detail and nothing had been disregarded, for there was an air conditioning unit in case the weather got too hot, a wide screen tv for your entertainment and a hot shower to ease you in to bed after a long day out. Oh and did I mention the wood paneling work? *Fans self*

Why hello there
The goat farm at Ketington Resort

Now I could go on and on about the architecture of the rooms but let's move on to something a little bit more interesting. Wildlife. Yes, Ketington Resort is famous for their goat farm; an equatorial sort of place if you would like to do a little bonding and take pictures with their beautiful animals.

Now there was a slight difference to what I had taken a look online regarding their animal care so I would like to state for the record that the animals here are well kept and groomed by their owners. They are well fed, extremely friendly and for the most part very sociable and surprisingly used to constant human contact. Thinking about it, this would be a great attraction for families on vacation.

Dishes served

As for the meals, Ketington Resort has an equally impressive selection. Pictures above are some of the notable ones which I particularly favored; and as for the taste, the bottom two sealed the deal. Presentation here was kind of a big deal for me so all things considered; the dishes were definitely plated up to expectation.


Name: Ketington Resort
Main Attraction: Beautiful rooms, goat farm, a huge swimming pool and good food.
Pricing: RM350 ++ and above

Kenting Street Night Market

The scene

All right let's put it this way. I live and breathe for night markets. They have such a great array of things and despite the loud music and promoters doing direct sales, you would always find such wonderful local food and trinkets.

From what I understand, Kenting Street is one of the smaller night markets in Kaohsiung, but their variety of things are matched to those in the bigger parts. They are big on their local street food (even though I could not find my Hot Star Fried Chicken anywhere) and everywhere you go, there is a huge assortment on seafood.

Anyone up for some fried squid?

I mean, just take a look at the fried squids being sold here. They would literally put the ones in our country to shame. Plus the price? 100 - 150 New Taiwan Dollars. Which is equivalent to RM13-RM18 after conversion over here. Cue in inaudible gasp sequence please.

Soft toys and more
Printed Wallets and Clutches

Besides the food, there are also many accessories and souvenirs that you can bring home for your loves ones. From what I see, Ketington Street prides themselves on print; from T-shirts, wallets, slippers and more so if you are ever there, make sure you keep a look out for these. They are a little pricey I'll admit but no worries they are negotiable to a point.

In the meantime, this pretty much summarizes Part 1 of the trip, so if you would like to find out more, keep a look out for future posts. Kaohsiung is home to many skyscrapers, great shopping destinations and lively night markets so this is definitely going to be an exciting one. In the meantime, to find out on the flights to Kaohsiung, head on over to Air Asia's Official Website for more details.


AirAsia to Kaohsiung (AK170) departs KLIA2 at 8:30am and 1pm (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)
AirAsia to Kaohsiung (AK171) departs KLIA2 at 1:30pm and 5:50pm (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)


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